We totally understand not everyone has computer/mobile device skills or may have mobility issues etc which is why we've added the option for printing. This also allows families to share 'hard copy' versions amongst themselves.

You can print either a TEXT or PDF version of any story unless the print icon does not show on a story - usually at the writer's request.

How To Print

Simply click this icon located on the top or right of any article --> 

Depending on your device - eg; PC/laptop or mobile device, after clicking PRINT you should see options to print either a TEXT version or save as a PDF plus  several other options.

Again depending on your browser or operating system this may be different.

Please Remember!...
While all the stories on this website are available to be printed, please respect the owner's copyright especially if re-using in a newsletter, website or even Facebook etc.

We would also appreciate a link back to this website https://mylifemystory.me/ especially if sharing on social media

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