Hearts of Purple Smart Watches

Sadly Family Domestic Violence is on the increase for many many reasons...

We recently offered to help put together a short 5min video for some friends here in Hervey Bay QLD... Keona Ellis, Tori Robe-Broome & Michelle at Hearts Of Purple to be presented at a recent 'Pitch Night' at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre where they won the Judges Award of $2,500 to purchase much needed 'smart watches' for FDV victims!

A further $2,500 was also on the cards after public voting on the centres Facebook page - We'll update you soon! - Meantime this was the 'Pitch' video we all created!




(c) 2022 - Keona Ellis, Tori Robe-Broome, Michelle Beattie, Brian Pickering & Kaye Browne

UPDATE: For the record they won the additional $2.5k - well done ladies!!!

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