1st HypoDrive Masquerade Ball 2022

Ever been to a Black-Tie Masquerade Ball?  We can assure you it’s probably THE most fun way to raise funds to help keep people safer on our roads.

The 1st Annual ‘Five to Drive’ – Black Tie Masquerade Ball went off with a bang at the Maryborough Town Hall in SE Qld having been delayed a year due to COVID

The event was organised by Sharon Bell, the founder of Hypodrive who we first met last year.  We caught up with her to get all the details on what happened at the Ball, the entertainment, the funds raised and the future.

Watch the video below or listen to the audio only Podcast version here


+ Thanks to Jocelyn (Jocey) Watts from Jocelyn Magazine for several photos including members of Rotary hard at work plus the 'Masked 3-Some selfie'!

+ We also appreciate the work by Courier Mail photographer Carlie Walker who took some great photos on the night including the one of all of us at the 'official' table with Sharon Bell.

+ Thanks to Sharon Bell for her time plus the 'Steam Punk' images

+ We also appreciate re-using parts of the Roadcraft Driver Education Program video explainer

Learn why Sharon started Hypodrive - Our original Podcast + Transcript


Check out the HypoDrive website


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