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Motherhood!... Easy Right?

Being a mother does not always come naturally.

Our family was back in England. My new husband Brian and I had recently moved to Auckland New Zealand and we were in a new house, a rather bare but beautiful new house.

Diagnosed in June 1959 with Tuberculosis I had just spent 8 weeks in hospital.

Now I was well again, and I remember thinking...

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Livin' The Dream?... Yea Right!! (c) Leah Ivy
I'm cranky. Not at the world. Nope. Just at myself! And you probably won't read about this in too many places because it sure doesn't fit with the "living on the road dream!"
Man oh man am I pi**ed off with myself. Epically peeved!
You see, over the last 12 months of travel, I've realised I'd allowed myself to fall into Gender based roles, in the van, on the road.

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Cheap Wine & a 3 Day Growth!

Even though the title of this post might sound a bit 'rough' surprisingly 'cheap' doesn't have to mean gross!

For many people 'having a drink' is just that. A chance to relax, enjoy some 'chill time' either eating dinner, maybe reading, writing, chatting by the fireside or yes... even watching TV! And whether you buy wine by price, brand or taste, as long as YOU enjoy what you are drinking and of course, drink it 'responsibly' then that's all that matters right? 

In fact a well known 'wine collector' once said to us... "you really can't buy a bad bottle of (red) wine in Australia" - we were never quite sure if that was the case for whites though.

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We All Have A Story!

Ever read an ‘autobiography’ and thought “Wow! How amazing!” or “Oh dear, how sad” or even “Gee that could have been me!” Have you ever wanted to write your own life story?

When we talk to people, especially people we’ve either just met or have started to become friends with, we all ultimately reveal a little about ourselves a bit at a time. Your life, your story. T
he first question one would ask is ‘Where do I start?’ …

The second is often ‘Where should I stop?’ and occasionally, ‘Who cares?’ Because telling one’s life story can either sound like “Oh woe is me” or “See how wonderful I am?”

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Dan & Tinka

In February 2021, I had the second of two-orbit decomposition surgeries* in treating my secondary Glaucoma and Thyroid Eye Disease.

Unbeknownst to me, a blood clot had formed in my body from the surgery.  

Three days post-surgery, I was recovering at home, and I remember that I had a bit of a niggling headache, but otherwise, I felt fine. Seeing that I was okay, my husband Will went off to his Arakan Martial Arts training whilst I stayed home.  

After he left, I wandered out to the balcony to try to enjoy the last of the sunshine and attempt to clear my headache. Within about 10 minutes, I remember my headache becoming excruciating, and my fingers were starting to go numb with pins and needles going all the way up my arm. 

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Why Are People So Unkind?

Of course the title of this post "Why Are People So Unkind" is a quote from Aussie/Malaysian singer Kamahl in response to a ‘Hey Hey it’s Saturday TV’ racist joke back in 1988 making fun of his accent. Move forward to 2021 and Social Media… what a nightmare!!

Given my involvement in the internet from its very early days and the growth of social media platforms, I’ve seen first-hand how it’s changed how people interact with each other. And it’s not all good. 
My mum ‘n dad taught me… “just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you SHOULD!”

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Public Toilet - (c) Jo Dyson

The decision to travel around Australia for 12 months in a van without an en-suite was a naive one. We could have packed a porta-potty or a bucket with a seat, but space is an issue, so every day I play public toilet roulette.

In the game show ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, contestants had to choose from one of three curtains to win a prize. That nervous tension they felt as they hoped they’d chosen correctly, is how I feel every time I open the door to a public loo.

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Why Do Women Talk So Much?

Women love to talk don't they?!... All right ladies...  Before you get out your daggers, I ran this blog by my wife of many years, Kaye.

I’ll admit initially she ‘cringed’, but then said, “It’s because we’re empathic, we’re listeners … We understand … We actually hear what’s being said ‘between the lines’ … and sometimes men don’t!”

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Mike McKenzie - Adventure Biking!

My passion is local travel and always has been. Motorbikes go back to when I was 18 riding to work at Coffs Harbour Television, where I started as an apprentice cameraman. And in recent times in the last three or four years I've been getting into adventure bike riding.

People often ask me “what’s adventure bike riding?” - well to put some context into that… motorbiking basically falls into three categories. There’s the road stuff, which is where superbikes are and where all the really crazy people are.

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Oooh...Ahhh ...Darn Back!

It’s funny isn’t it, (and I don’t mean, ‘Ha!Ha!, I mean weird), the way our bodies turn on us in our old age, so that all those parts that have functioned so superbly for seventy or eighty years suddenly become our worst enemies!

Like my legs… True friends that carried me faithfully over many a forty kilometer day’s hike when I was young, but now turn into a pair of blubbering bags of jelly after about a hundred meters of moderate effort!

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My Brush With Fame!

My brother Paul, was a Tony Curtis “look alike” he had the dark curly hair and the eyes framed by long curly lashes.  He played in a band with a few friends and they went to draughty church halls, small clubs and bars sticky with spilled beer. 

They played well enough to have swooning girls ready willing and able to adore them, and be their close friends. My brother found that a pleasant side effect of his guitar playing.

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