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Blokes Go Shopping!!
Can you imagine it?... Men going shopping? As most wives/women might say… Neveeeerrr!

Why? ‘Cos men like a simple list of what we need to buy. Then we go and buy it then we come back feeling satisfied we’ve done the job/task we were ‘ordered’ to do!
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Can it be done?

There are great things occurring around the world at the moment aren’t there, and not many of them are for our good, or anyone else’s good for that matter, though we of course will be the ultimate sufferers, whoever causes it all in the first place?

A major cause for concern is the war going on in Ukraine, involving a lunatic, power-hungry leader on one side and a population of very tough individuals, who have been through it all many times before, due to their unfortunate geographical position.

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Wise Words Indeed!

I do love some of the old, and often useful words and phrases with which the English language abounds; little sparks of wisdom in a mainly dull and disinterested world, some very serious and some more humorous in their nature, but nearly all with a touch of honesty about them.

We don’t seem to belong to a world that values these gems so much today; I guess we are now all too clever and busy to consider such useless ways of wasting time, but I’d be very surprised to find that some of the comments hadn’t provided strength at certain times in all our lives!

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 Have you ever thought about all those silly things we do during our lives, things we like to call customs, though nowadays very few people have the slightest notion as to why we indulge ourselves with them?

Let’s take a simple one to start off with - have a glass of wine with friends, and what are the very first things we do with it - we say “Cheers” and we all touch glasses.

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Wanna give it a try?

What are you like when it comes to trying new, unusual or exotic food?

If someone mentions snails in garlic butter as a starter to a nice meal one evening, do you immediately rush out to the bathroom to throw up in disgust - politely say… “No thanks, not just now” – or do you think… “well I’ll give it a go and plunge in hopeful that they taste better than they look!”.

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Laugh Every Day!

My wife and I co-hosted a national radio show for about 6 years called Pet Talk Radio! – It was on 50 something stations across the country via satellite. Part of the appeal of the show according to our listeners was that we laughed – a lot!... and all the guests we ever had on the show realised this and relaxed. 

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Such a gentleman!

Regular readers of this site may be well aware that I do write some pretty daft blogs sometimes, and ask a few idiotic questions too.

To me, this is one of the major reasons for doing it!... Where else can you ask stupid questions and, if you’re lucky even get a few interesting replies too? I usually concentrate on one interesting point or query, and wait to see what develops. Well, this time I’ve put a few of my questions together, questions that may be judged as even smaller and sillier than my usual bumff! Here we go…

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Beachside Fun!

I had another one of my ‘silly’ ideas, while lying awake in bed last night, partly due I think, to the fact that I had my radio on, tuned to ABC.

The program I was casually listening to was an interview with an avid swimmer, who luckily lives by the sea, because she adores getting in the water and usually doesn’t let a day go by without having a ‘plunge’.

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I'm SOOO Bored!!!

 There's a saying I heard when I was younger...
"Don't retire 'cos you'll die within 2 years!"

Well I don't know about dying so much, but lately in my travels around Australia, I've noticed so many 'retirees' that seem really bored with life day to day.

And yes, it's ok to 'chill' and just sit down and read a book or watch some daytime TV. Who doesn't like to do that from time to time... but EVERY day??!!

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False Friends

Having been 'dumped' by so called 'friends' over the years, I decided to do some research and share it here...

It's also helped me get over the sadness of losing what I thought were some of my best friends!

I also hope it helps you too...

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While the John Lennon / Yoko Ono song was a hit around the world back in 1971, some groups - mostly religious - took offence at the lyrics - especially the first & second verses re 'heaven & religion'...

But today - especially after I've been scrolling through copious news sites to find something positive (& I didn't), the song has a particular thought provoking message.

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