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View From Our Verandah

One of our greatest pleasures is also one of the simplest, something both Jacqui and I indulge in pretty well every day of the year and pretty well any time of the day or night.

It costs us nothing, is always there, ready for us to take advantage of and there is rarely a time when conditions prevent us from enjoying it.

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Volunteering Can Be fun!

You want to do some volunteering? Just move to a small town of about two thousand people and say hello to a few of them!

That is just about what happened to my wife Jacqui and I when we left Melbourne and moved our few belongings to Yarram, about two hundred kilometres to the south east.

We had originally intended to use the town as a base for travels further afield and we made our abode in a small house on the edge of a caravan park, with our caravan parked alongside, ready for whatever adventure might suggest itself in the future.

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My Favourite Foods As A Kid!

I was going over some old diary notes recently and realised I had written down quite a few years ago, a list of all the things we used to eat as kids, and thought I'd share it with you...

Would love to read about your favourite home-made family foods & treats YOUR mum used to make!

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Call me in a week!

Hmmm… Do our doctors REALLY care?....

Having worked closely in the Veterinary sector the best part of 20+ years (non-medical but surgery  videos, podcasts etc), I appreciate all the training that they – and Vet Nurses – do over many many years.

The same goes for all medical professionals. But lately, no doubt for many reasons… well in my personal experience anyway – Doctors seem to be sticking to a 5-8min consult (whether Bulk-billed or fee for service) and whilst still referring us for various tests etc to see what our health issues might be, they don’t really seem ‘connected’ to us, compared to many years ago.

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NOT Christmas This Year!!

Christmas and the New Year can be a very busy time in most homes, including ours. In the past, we have always been tied up in something to do with either family or friends, or both…

Parties, dinners, dances and of course boozing, and we have always loved it, because it was a break from the tedium of  an ordinary year, a short change from having to get to work by nine, doing basically the same work day after day and travelling the same route to and from work – it’s nice to be able to forget all that for a few days!

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You Are Soul right??!

Yep – you read that right…. You ARE soul.

In fact, we are all souls. Some good. Some not so good. But what makes a GOOD soul?
Well taking a leaf from my mum’s diaries, helping others is one of the first steps. Forgiving and forgetting is another…  Often easier said than done right?

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Families.... very special

Having children is a leap into the unknown. My husband Brian and I decided to take the plunge because we had recently had a traumatic event. Strange reason I know.

Brian was 24 and I had just turned 20…. which is young these days, but my rather warped reasoning was not steeped in logic.

Living in New Zealand at the time, and with husband in a new job, I had just survived Tuberculosis but had been sick for a few months without even knowing.

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K'Gari = Paradise!

For me, if ever there was something that we should ALL be doing, it’s these three ‘lores’...

1 - What is good for the land comes first
2 - Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you
3 - If you have plenty, you must share

FYI, a ‘Lore’ (as opposed to a Law) is knowledge or tradition passed from generation to generation. In this case it’s from the local Butchulla mob here on the K’gari coast (prev. Fraser Island/Fraser Coast) where we are right now!

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Great fun catching up!

We have our daughter Kerry staying with us at the moment - all the way from Devon, England and her brother Vince was there from Melbourne to greet her too, and unfortunately Kerry is here for only a couple of weeks, which are already over half used as I write this. 

It’s the first time we’ve “seen” her for over three years - that is, sitting together in the same room and chatting together, although we also see her most weeks when we talk to her through the wonders of Facetime.

But somehow that isn’t the same is it, although it is admittedly, better than not being able to see her at all, if we had no iPad.

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Remember the Ice-Cream van?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the ice-cream van that used to call up your street, pretty well every day of a 1930’s/40’s/50’s summer?

And how about the horse-drawn cart that the man with the vegetables used, shouting some mysterious word that sounded vaguely like, “Vemanear”, (perhaps that was “veg man here”, I don’t know), to let the housewives know he was around.

Add to that the chink of glass on your doorstep at about dawn every morning and the clatter at the mailbox, and you have a pretty well complete picture of suburban life in the fifties.

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The Power Of Being Positive

Now I’d be the first to admit that it drives me a little nuts when I’m driving and somebody ahead of you or behind you does the wrong thing.   Once upon a time if that happened to me it would be like ‘a red rag to a bull’.  I’d get all steamed up, mutter abuse and really make my heart beat faster.

Nowadays, when somebody cuts me off in the car, I actively tell myself - don’t worry about it.  

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