My wife recently came up with a brilliant idea. ‘The Pain Buzzer’.

She recently had a major dental visit where stage one of the bigger procedure of a dental implant was to drill some holes and insert some ‘screw beds’ ready for insertion of three crowns. Post initial procedure she was the ultimate ‘cranky’ patient. Her jaw was constantly sore despite the medically prescribed medications.

Even her daily dose (or two) of Chardonnay didn’t seem to offer as much relief as expected nor did ice cream with a Kahlua topping after dinner!

She then came up with an amazing solution to ‘future/expected’ pain when it comes to any medical procedure — particularly dental procedures and we’re seriously thinking about patenting it! It’s called ‘The Pain Buzzer’.

It works like this. Just as your dentist (in this case) is giving you some gum numbing stuff on the day, you then attach two clips to his ears that are connected to a handheld button you are in control of. When pressed this button sends an electrical charge via a pre-charged device in your lap to the dentist (or doctor) administering the pain in a proportionate amount.

Brilliant! When they ask, “Does it hurt?” The reality is, yes! Yes it does. Buzz!

Immediately the dentist/doctor knows exactly how you feel. Rather than the usual “uh-huh …” or muffled cry, the message “Yes, it hurts” is immediately known (and felt) by the … Let’s call them a ‘pain perpetrator’.

Of course we know dentists/doctors etc. really don’t want to cause any of us pain. In fact their job is to try and stop whatever pain we might have, but the reality is if someone is going to be drilling into you, cutting, hammering or poking … you’re gonna feel some pain at some stage right?

Maybe we should see who could create a real pain buzzer that might help all of us next time we see the dentist or doctor. Just a thought!

(c) 2020 Brian Pickering - Originally published on https://startsat60.com/ 



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