You Are Soul right??!

Yep – you read that right…. You ARE soul.

In fact, we are all souls. Some good. Some not so good. But what makes a GOOD soul?
Well taking a leaf from my mum’s diaries, helping others is one of the first steps. Forgiving and forgetting is another…  Often easier said than done right?

But what if someone, friend, family member etc does or say’s something derogatory about you? Whether face to face or on social media or even in an email or letter!

Depending on the situation, what could/should you do?

Well let’s start with what ‘COULD’ you do…
Well for me, simply ignore the remark/post etc. Responding often inflates the problem and if it’s public your response reveals a lot about you.

And what ‘SHOULD’ you do?...
Of course that’s entirely up to you. But irrespective of who is right or wrong, doing nothing while the flame is ‘hot’ is probably the best reaction. Then over time – whether the situation was created by you or them, maybe offer an apology – whether YOU were the initiator of the situation or not, a simple… “So sorry we’ve had this disagreement. If I said or did something that upset you please accept my apology”

Of course if you get no response don’t be offended. Some people – families / friends especially – often don’t see the situation the same way as you will. Totally understandable.

So bottom line is… Sometimes we all just have to… move on. After all .. you are a good soul… nut always keep in mind, they are souls too 😊

© 2022 - Brian Pickering

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