Do A 'Bradbury'!

As community decision makers, parents, carers, coaches and teachers we all have an obligation to help train our children to perform well in the ‘Race of Life’.

Giving a ‘participation medal’ is training them for the unemployment benefit in the ‘race of real life’.

“It’s ok you don’t have to try harder!”.

Winning a 3rd place medal is like getting a job that is not well paid and you don’t really like, however you should be proud of yourself that you have a job. With a bit more effort and training, improving your skills you train to do better next time.

A 2nd place medal is like getting a well-paid job that you are not happy doing but you should be very proud of getting it and still be training to go that bit better.

A 1st place medal is like getting that well paid job that you love doing. It is the result of hard work and training with a positive attitude.

When Steven Bradbury won a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics, many said it was just luck.

Many people blame ‘luck’ for others doing better than them or getting a better job.

They forget that Steven Bradbury trained hard and improved his skills to the point where he raced for Australia at four Winter Olympic Games.

Yes, there was luck involved when in the 2002, 1,000m race final, all the other competitors fell down and he finished with the Gold medal. Steven had trained hard to be in that Olympic final.

That was not luck but hard work, a lot of hard work. I am sure he cannot count the number of times he fell over but got back up again.

He trained hard and worked hard to put himself in a position so he could take advantage of ‘the luck’ if it came his way.

He did, a lucky break came, and won the 1st place Gold medal. Do a Bradbury!

Those are my thoughts and I’m sure other have theirs.


© 2022 - Ken Wilson
Photo: Steven Bradbury ©

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