Steven Oliver - 'Bigger & Blacker'!
What a deadly and unforgettable experience!! 🔥🔥🔥 

I want to give appreciation and recognition to everyone who has worked on this amazing show; it wouldn’t of been possible without them, especially those who work behind the scenes and the lights, how atmospheric it was~! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

The pianist was phenomenal and he looked like he was enjoying himself so much; his energy really matched Stevens!! 👌🏽
👌🏽👌🏽 - I’d also like to mention how he gave acknowledgement and gave respect before starting the show. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Now, to the Faboriginal himself, Steven Oliver!!

What a hard working, passionate, uplifting and endearing man; I truly loved his performance tonight. Even after the show, he made everyone feel so comfortable and at home - I haven’t laughed and felt so at ease in a while. I adored how he would talk about the process of song writing and how it comes to him, a melody, a pitch and such ingenious lyrics being sewn with his own hands.

I love how creative and humorous his antics are when on stage; even whilst singing!! 🌿🌿

He is not afraid to make it his own sound, use his voice, make it his own story and tell his truth. He is unapologetic and knows who he is - which I aspire to be one day. His songs which he shared with us, learned us and gifted us was absolutely spectacular, I loved his lyrics the most I believe.

He has this way with his flow, how the piano glides with his notes and both become one to create such masterpieces. My favourite act was him singing, whilst sitting in the stool that the pianist so graciously placed down for him at the mic, an acoustic guitar was plugged in and Steven played his first note.

That acoustic guitar string accompanied with the piano melody in the background; a melodic, bittersweet, tragic yet relatable song it is…I absolutely felt that in my soul & heart. The lighting for this performance was perfect and one of my favourites~ His visualisation for his craft and how spontaneous he is while being grounded and touching on important subjects is phenomenal; I couldn’t help but sway and tap to his songs. He has such good control of his voice, his head and chest voice is amazing!! 🔥🔥

Now. I am being honest, I teared up during two of his songs, it hit too close to home and as an artist myself, being Trans Non-binary, being Aboriginal n’ mixed race, being well…me.

I am so glad I sat where I was, off centre and to the right, because I have no idea if he saw my eyes beginning to water or not which I hope he didn’t but he knows now haha.

Songs, music, voice, soul, beats, rhythm, lyrics, words, silence…he really made this stand out tonight. I didn’t even know he does this now but I’m so glad he is, his journey since Black Comedy and finding himself to finally do what he wants without being an idea to everyone, that makes everyone laugh when he needs to process his own emotions and thoughts first.

Which made me realise that I can’t be there for everyone and when I am grieving or battling my own fights - I can’t disregard it all for the sake of others. Because I deserve that. I deserve to feel sad, to feel hurt, to feel angry or envy, it’s human and in these moments; I won’t push my emotions, my thoughts and actions away for the sake of making someone else feel better. 😌😌

I have a tendency to say yes a lot but I’m only working on saying no as of this year, it’s been a tough process but Steven really helped with being firm yet gentle. It’s amazing honestly. I also admire what he is doing now, because he actually looks like he is enjoying himself and likes what he is doing; not just for others but himself.

It’s his song, his journey, his life and I’m so glad I was able to go to his show. I almost didn’t and I bet I’d regret it for sure.

(c) Steven Oliver - 'Bigger & Blacker'!His songs where a diverse genre of emotions, ranging from fun and funny, to sad and bittersweet, upbeat and exciting, somber and calming, passionate and heartwarming to heart breaking and fierce!! I loved his head and chest voice throughout these songs and he really does shine and brings out the best of himself when aiming his songs, it’s inspiring to me because it shows that as an artist - if you do what you love; you shine the brightest.

As a digital & traditional artist, now dabbling in writing again, this is inspirational and truly motivational~ 🥰🥰

Also???? Who was going to inform me that this deadly man knows Japanese and has been studying it and the culture??? I told him my name when signing his autograph on the poster and he asked about it. Of course I said it’s Japanese and that I love Japan and the Culture - especially it’s people respectively.

He said he loves it too and wishes to go there one day, next thing I know, I’m introducing myself to him in Japanese and he does the same, it was kinda unreal how we conversed because I haven’t been able to have a conversation with someone in Japanese since my trip to Japan in 2018. His Japanese is actually amazing and he is true to his word about studying and learning it. ✍🏽✍🏽🌿🌿

I believe that’s all for now. Please, enjoy this picture of me and him, he took the selfie for me as I didn’t trust myself hehe.

I still can’t believe we look like that, gosh, we look SEXY!! 😂😂🥴🥴💜💜 I’m so happy with how this came out and I have two posters signed by him,

I can’t wait to frame them!! 👀👀

 (c) 2021 - Kohaku Murakami Ahkit
Image of performer & pianist (c) Steven Oliver

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