Why So Angry?

The Definition of Anger by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is; 
'a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because of something wrong or bad or the feeling that makes someone want to hurt other people, to shout, etc.'

I consider myself lucky... VERY lucky for the fact that I was brought up in what I felt was a loving caring home environment where there never seemed to be any arguments, hostility, slamming of doors or anger generally.

Maybe some minor tantrums were well hidden from my sister and I as we grew up in the sleepy village of Stockton, Newcastle, just on the other side of the Hunter River.

Sure - there was the odd push and shove at school as kids - mostly boys - tried to show off their heirarchy in 'the pack'.

But for me, that was pretty much it. Very lucky I guess.

And yes sadly there has always been anger in the world. In fact anger or some kind of action AFTER being made angry has always been the catalyst for everything from domestic violence to our many wars, invasions and distrust of others.

But today the anger seems different.

In our online world the anger that people feel personally about something or someone is vented publicly for all to see.

And there seems to be a huge lack of respect for any kind of 'authority' - like police or services such as fire and ambulance.

A recent news photo I saw of hundreds of motorcylists (bikies?) showed them stopped by Police on a highway. Why?... Speeding, Drugs?

The comments ranged from 'f***ing cops' to 'ar***les, we could have raced off and they would never catch us!' (Several police cars had in fact completely blocked the road so they had to stop)

But in this case did the Police have a hidden agenda? Eg; were they actually looking for someone they knew was involved with this group of motorcyclists? Or were they simply trying to keep the road safe for other motorists?

Either way it's the confrontational attitude of people that is the most annoying part of all this.

Imagine this; 200+ bikies zooming along even at the legal limit.
A single police officer stands on the side of the road and politely waves them all down to stop.

It that ever gonna happen?... NEVER!...

There's safety in numbers right? They'd all just ride on giving the 'bird' and laugh as they pass by.

What's a single copper ever going to do?

Then of course that policeman calls for backup, choppers fly in, a road block is mounted and anger - on both sides - ensues!

"What did we do wrong? Weez just ridin' our bikes!!?" Yes - but you failed to stop for the policeman :-)

More often than not the facts in many posts and comments on places like Facebook - or 'Fake-book' as many are now calling it - just don't fit the story.

So many people are totally against authority of any kind yet these very same people are the ones who shout things like "BLOODY GOVERNMENT...THEY ORTA DO THIS and THEY ORTA DO THAT!" or "Stupid XYZ company - don't ever buy anything from them!"

Freedom of speech is one thing - taking in all sides of the story is another. And sure... if appropriate to get the right action on just about any issue, by all means comment/have your say or even get involved in a (peaceful) protest if the issue is big enough but DON'T GET ANGRY!!!!

Annoyed yes.. Angry no. There are always two sides to any story.

I'd be the first to say I get annoyed at times - and yes I even get angry occasionally but then I tell myself to 'pull my head in'. Of course there are degrees of anger.

The 'stomp your foot/grit your teeth' anger is probably Level 1.

Slam the door closed, or throw down a book or your fist on a table is maybe Level 2.

And of course anything that gets thrown or broken and beyond in a 'fit of rage' is maybe Level 3.

This includes physical and emotional abuse to a fellow human being or even an animal.

So how can we control our anger? Good question. Psychiatrists as well as 'Zen Masters' tell us that 'being happy within yourself' is probably the best way.

Lots of stuff in our lives these days is going to annoy us and maybe make us angry - if we let it!

While I'm no 'sheet-clad yogi' my morning routine I've done for many many years is to go outside, admire the sky, the clouds, the trees with outstretched arms held high and say with a smile, "I love my life... I love my wife" then I say some thankyous to the people through my life (whether still here or not) like mum, dad and a very well known person my wife & I worked with on a TV series who sadly is no longer with us who inspired us both to 'be happy, help others, enjoy today and be afraid of nothing'.

Aussie V8 motor racing legend Peter Brock was his name - and while he was the first to admit he was no 'Peter Perfect', he was indeed a legend.

So what's the secret I've found to not being angry or un-happy and is actually within us all?...

Just be like a dog. Have a growl then move on wagging your tail - trust me you'll feel so much better for it!

(c) 2021 - Brian Pickering

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