Can You Spot Me?

I was out on my daily walk recently politely acknowledging & smiling to the usual ‘regulars’ coming in the opposite direction. So nice to see other people out & about enjoying the fresh air too!

Then one morning, a fella stopped me and said… “Sorry for asking but are you somebody famous?”.

Well… that stopped me in my tracks. “Ummm (laughing)… no but I have worked with a few over the years…” to which he replied. “Oh it’s just that you remind me of Kevin Rudd.”

KEVIN RUDD! – No offence Mr Rudd but I do NOT look like you… Do I?? ☹

Anyway a bit of a laugh between us and we went our separate ways and aside from telling my wife and checking myself out in the mirror, I forgot all about it.

More recently we were at a birthday party for our friend Jocelyn and one of the invited guests who I didn’t know personally kept glancing at me… almost sideways. Not in a bad way – just (to me) a bit suspicious.

Keith Richards (c) Metalwani.comHe finally said.. “You know what Brian; I’ve been trying to work out who you look like.” 

To which I joked “Keith Richards?”... 

“Nah, Kevin Rudd!”

WHHAAATTT!!! – I literally spilt my drink all over myself – Pity he was on the other side of the table!

If anyone ever says that again I’m now going to answer… “Yea, I recently found out he’s my daddy!!”

Anyway after a few laughs somehow we managed to move on from that but it got me thinking.

Who do any of us look like? Who do YOU look like, and why?

The party girl herself thought it was very funny and even sent me a photo of Sam Neill saying maybe this is your ‘doppelganger’ (aka your mirror image!).

My wife Kaye said… “Ahh yes…that’s MUCH better”

But seriously, who’s YOUR ‘daddy’ – feel free to share a photo below or tell us YOUR story!! 😊

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Sam Neill © Marvel Movies 
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