Yea right!!

What’s this manic ‘need for speed’ thing on our roads these days!?

I’m not talking about the safe drivers doing the speed limit – I’m talking about the ‘wankers’ who rev their engines at the lights or waiting to turn a corner or worse still, speed into roundabouts with no indicators until the last second if at all!

For some reason it seems it’s mostly blokes *SIGH*

Craziest of all are those that scream up to the red lights… hit the brakes, then sit there revving the engine, until the lights turn green, then speed off as if it was the start of the Bathurst 500!!…

What’s the point? Apart from burning fuel, tyres & the safety factor of course, most of them have to stop at the next set of lights anyway!

Of course the funniest side of all this… as we cruise up to the lights a whole 5 seconds later, it’s tempting to slide up in the second lane and look across to the driver and give a gentle smile 😊

But clearly there is a ‘mental issue’ here. Yes I’m sure it’s nice to feel in control of a powerful vehicle – be that a top of the range motorcycle, or some Jeep, Landrover or any other 4WD…

On the positive side, there are apparently some places where you can go and do ‘wheelies’ or ‘burnouts’ legally. These are called ‘Drag Strips’ . Not sure if you have to pay for the privilege, but if it helps ‘soothe’ the need for speed why not?... Plus there are clubs etc that let like minded ‘dragsters do just that!

As a side-note, my wife Kaye & I did a very successful TV series on CH7 called 'Police Camera Action' hosted by the late great Peter Brock… aka ‘Brockie’ – as you know he knew how to get around the skyline at Bathurst ahead of the pack on many many occasions. But having been in a car on Sydney’s streets with Brockie driving, he drove ‘perfectly’ to the conditions. Slow approach to roundabouts, soft launch when the lights turned green etc.

So Brockie's ‘need for speed’ was lived out on the racetrack, not everyday roads.

And that’s where some of these ‘Drag Strips’ or motor clubs could possibly do a lot more encouraging (mostly) younger drivers to get involved and leave the ‘need for speed there’, rather than on our roads, for the safety of all of us!

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