What Is The Meaning Of Success?

What Is Success…. Really?

Retiring at 30 or younger? Having a portfolio of multiple properties providing an eye watering passive income?

A recent news story got me thinking about the true meaning of ‘success’...

This news story mentions a 10yr old being able to ‘retire’ at the tender age of 15 if she wants to. After all with a bit of help from her celebrity mum, she’s already created a mini toy & gaming business & more plus been gifted a $200k Mercedes to say ‘well done’… (which she won’t be able to drive just yet!)

And yes, while her mum rose from what she describes as a ‘normal’ childhood to become a PR celebrity, for that family, that is no doubt ‘success’.

Or maybe just being ‘lucky’ and inheriting a large amount of cash and assets that you ultimately keep to yourself rather than sharing.

Now the Miriam Webster online dictionary describes 'success' as... "the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame"... but I think we should add a few more to that list!

For instance what about the families that have lost absolutely everything except their lives in bushfires or floods? No house, no car, no clothes… Nothing!   Yet within a year or two they’ve managed – with the help of friends, family and community – to ‘succeed’ in getting their lives back together. Albeit with a lot of stress attached no doubt!

Similar stories emerge of divorces where one partner ‘cons’ the other out of absolutely everything, leaving them with nothing and no way to challenge what has happened and ultimately leaving them homeless and often suicidal. Thankfully support groups like Hearts of Purple are helping point those in need in the right direction.

'Lucky' - Ed JacksonOr success might be like the UK football star Ed Jackson who dived into a friends swimming pool and broke his spine leaving him a quadriplegic with seemingly no hope of recovery. Several years later he’s into mountain climbing and sets up a resource to help other quadriplegics cope with the physical and emotional issues that come with that condition.

All this is detailed in his book ‘Lucky’ which I read recently… an amazing story of success!

Or is success really just what we all make it? It’s different for all of us of course.

For instance, your mum finally figures out that swiping left or right on her new iPhone doesn’t mean she’s on Tinder! It’s simply one way to scroll through photos or Facebook (whatever that is!).

Your ‘L-Plate’ teenage driver finally gets the hang of using 3 pedals on the floor of your old car they’re learning to drive in!

Or success might be the young girl in school being bullied all the time for wearing glasses and being ‘fat’ eventually becoming the Australian International Natural Bodybuilding Association  - which amazingly she actually won in 2019 !!! Original NEWS.com.au story here

But for me personally,
‘success’ is waking up each and every day with positive thoughts, good health and hopefully a calm mindset for whatever lays ahead and loving what I do.

Ultimately ‘success’ is whatever we make of it right?

(c)2021 - Brian Pickering

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