What Is 'The Universe' Really?

As anyone who knows me is aware, I am a bit of a silly old duffer who, at the age of 89, has very little to do, apart from sitting around having daft ideas about what might or might not be, in this strange lump of rock we have all been dumped on.

I get ideas sometimes that make quite a lot of sense, (or so I like to think), and sometimes there’s a devil who creeps in there causing me all sorts of trouble, as I listen to the thought and say to myself, “Don’t be daft, Brian, that’s not possible – in fact it’s plain stupid”.

But still those crafty thoughts continue to attack me, until I actually start to believe in them.

One such silly idea grabbed hold of me a couple of evenings ago, wrenching me away from the cup of tea I was enjoying, as I gazed at the dusk from my advantage point on our veranda. The thought was this - everyone seems interested in multiple universes these days, with much the same things going on in each, (like my alter-ego having silly thoughts, somewhere else in space!), but to me that just seemed too preposterous.

But it did push my mind down other tracks, just as idiotic maybe, but nonetheless to me, strangely possible, and relevant to the multiple universe idea.

It suddenly struck me that the structure of the vast universe I was seeing a tiny part of, above my head in the darkening sky, was very much like, if you accept the fact that the universe is infinite and size is just one of the relevance’s hidden in there somewhere, exactly the same in form as the very objects around me, but reduced to atomic size.

That is to say, what we see as our sun, with planets revolving around it is very much like the atoms making up our world. I remember reading once that, if you were to enlarge a typical atom so that the nucleus was the size of a pea, the electrons spinning round it would be about fifty meters away from it – sound sort of familiar doesn’t it?

Then my mind took another frightening lurch into the ridiculous! It shouted at me that maybe we ourselves are actually living on one of the electrons circling the nucleus, (the sun), of an atom, part of an element, which itself is part of a molecule, in turn being the building block of a cell, in some SUPER structure of a size way beyond our imagination.

To go back the other way again, referring to our atoms, apparently you could fit ten million atoms of hydrogen on the head of a pin!

And who is to say this structure isn’t repeated, over and over again, both up from us, and down from us. Atoms becoming solar systems and solar systems becoming atoms. Gives you some idea of what true infinity is all about doesn’t it!

Oh, I know this is all very silly, as I warned you it would be when I started, and I’m sure an expert would be able to demonstrate many weak points in my thesis, but isn’t it fun to just give your mind the freedom it desires, to wander among the stars and try to make a bit of sense out of all that that there is around us?

I’m quite sure there are and were, many other men and women in the past, who had ideas MUCH dafter than the humble efforts I’ve written down here today, but whose ideas changed the world and led to the next stages in our evolution.

At the simplest level, think of the man who thought it might be a good idea to take the youngest stalks of an acacia plant, dry and ferment them, then put them in a vessel and pour boiling water on them, add milk and sugar – and drink it.

Look at what became of that silly idea, I’m now sitting here, enjoying my ideas, and drinking his product, one of the greatest refreshers ever invented by man!

 © 2023 Brian Lee 

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