Take This Job & SHOVE It!

The boss at a radio station where I was working was chewing my ear one day, complaining like he always did about his life, his boss, his useless sales team, his feelings of unhappiness. 

And out it popped…  I didn’t plan to say it – but once I did – it seemed so right… So very much a step forward rather than just treading water, an option to make a difference, to end the endless gripes.

“If you don’t like it…why don'cha just leave?”

 And – he DID! - Making all of us much happier

If it worked for him – hey – it can work for all of us. Do you love your job - the one you’re in right now? Do you like the boss?  Probably not, which is why you’ve taken the time to read this right?

So why are you staying in that job if you don’t like it?

Why are you going through the motions day after day dragging your sorry butt out of bed every morning just to go and ‘work for the man’?

Money? – That’s a pretty good reason. We all need money to live and to look after anyone we’re responsible for.

Some people are lucky enough or perhaps dedicated enough to have found a job that provides them with great satisfaction and they might also have a well planned and structured career path ahead of them. They are the exception though, and the rest of us still ponder why we’re doing what we’re doing. Sort of… rolling along trying not to rock the boat, but not feeling particularly fantastic about anything.

So for the lucky few – there’s  a pretty good reason to get up and go to work every day isn’t there? - and if that’s what you want and enjoy doing in life then do it! 

The key phrase is Whatever you ENJOY doing just do it! And never EVER feel guilty about it. Guilt is a wasted emotion – more on that later!

But if you are one of the other 90 percent or so of people in this world who really don’t like their jobs or their life right now – then don’t put up with it.  

There are two options – quit right now or actively go job-hunting and find another job and THEN quit! 

 That’s right, tell the boss – “no offence mate but you can take this job and shove it”!

If just thinking about making that move puts a smile on your face – what does that tell you about what you’re planning?  That it’s the right thing to do?

Great – just one word of advice here… do make sure you’ve got enough cash in your bank account to cover your bills for at least 6 months, preferably 12 months before doing anything radical.

 The last thing you want to do is to jump from the frying pan into the fire!

(c)2017 - Brian Pickering

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