I'm SOOO Bored!!!

 There's a saying I heard when I was younger...
"Don't retire 'cos you'll die within 2 years!"

Well I don't know about dying so much, but lately in my travels around Australia, I've noticed so many 'retirees' that seem really bored with life day to day.

And yes, it's ok to 'chill' and just sit down and read a book or watch some daytime TV. Who doesn't like to do that from time to time... but EVERY day??!!

I guess the problem is people who have had (mostly) just one job their entire life are finally glad to be done with all that and they are happy to 'do nothing'.

That's all well and good for a while but what can we do instead of 'retiring' so we remain active and have some purpose?

My mum was a volunteer for 65+ years. In fact she used to look after 'old people' in her late 70's early 80's. But the best thing about volunteering is you can be flexible and choose the level of commitment that suits you.

Whether it's an Op Shop like Vinnies or the Salvo's or maybe a local community centre there are many many different things that can be done.

If you're a bit more creative then have you ever considered writing a book?

You don't have to be Roald Darl, J.K.Rowling or Endid Blyton. You can just be you! - especially if you've had an interesting life or a family member, relative or friend who has. Just check out your diary notes (you do have a diary don't you!) or sit and have a chat with the friend/family member with the interesting background and take some notes.

Stories don't have to be 100% 'true' if you're not writing a personal biography.

It can have imaginary characters based on real life characters, events and more! And if you have no intention of being published, just write something that the family - present and future - can enjoy!

For instance I'm currently writing about my 'old' family and my 'new' family and comparing the differences.

Hmmm... I might not publish that one 'just in case' !!!

Maybe you'd like to test out other creative skills you might have like painting & drawing? There are many local fun classes for young and old where you can socialise with the local community as well as learn new skills or improve old ones!

I recently heard from a friend that his late 96yrs old father-in-law once said "I'm not old enough to play bowls" he still did ballroom dancing and was active in the local amateur theatre helping where he could.

But there are plenty of other sports that cater for more 'senior' people.
Croquet, Golf, Swimming etc are just a few that come to mind.

But from what I have seen and learnt to do myself, is to find activities that bring you a feeling of fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

I guess just by staying engaged and pursuing your passions, you can continue to lead a fulfilling and active life without the traditional notion of 'retirement' and being forever bored (& boring!) :-)

© 2023 - Bruno Lord

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