Troy & Nathan - Our Journey To Parenthood!
Other than those very close to us, most would have little idea that we have been attempting to start a family for the past few years.

I had been looking into parenthood options well before Nathan and I met, and he’s always wanted a family. Nathan just had not thought about how he would make it happen until we collided in 2017.
After two failed IUI attempts with a potential co-parent, COVID struck and derailed our plans.

Like many, we held our breaths to see what 2020 would deliver. In July 2020, we decided to push forward, although slightly changing direction.

Every person’s journey to parenthood is different.

Surrogacy comes in many different forms, overseas, onshore, commercial, traditional, gestational or altruistic which is the only way to do surrogacy in Australia. The process can be lengthy and contains many parts, and we have learnt so much.

Our ultimate dream was to find a local surrogate, why? Essentially, we wanted to be there every step of the way to support this fantastic superhero and experience the journey, and we also wanted an ongoing relationship. We want our child to understand the journey and love it took to create them (it speaks to identity in our minds) but also, after giving such a fantastic gift, we hoped that they would become part of our future family. It takes a village to raise a child.

We reached out and joined a fantastic organisation called SASS (Surrogacy Australia Support Service) who provides lots of information, support, wisdom and helps with introductions, the universe had another plan!

Before we had a chance to be introduced to any surrogates formally and hopefully match (many can wait years on the list), we received the most incredible, unexpected offer from a fantastic dear friend/couple (Amy and Gareth).

Amy and Nathan went to school together and have known each other for over 15 years, and she offered to be our tummy mummy, a gift we will forever be thankful for.

While we still have many steps to complete, the next major piece to our puzzle is finding an egg donor, yes, they can be 
sourced through anonymous donor programs or the international egg bank (yes, there is such a thing) however, we are hoping to find a local donor for the same reasons as above, remaining in contact is particularly important to us, can you have too many special aunts?

We’re hoping to complete our first transfer towards the end of this year - 2021.

A little like blood banks, we simply do not donate enough eggs to meet the demand of families across the country trying to conceive via this fertility option. Many families have current or past health issues like cancer that prevent them from using their own eggs or carrying a baby.
Eve - a very spoilt Cavoodle!If you have any questions about surrogacy or egg donation, please do not hesitate to reach out to SASS or contact us via DM... 

We can send you info about becoming an egg donor too. We are also very comfortable with you sharing our post.

We’re very excited for this major next step in our lives, so stay tuned for further updates.

Eve - our very spoilt Cavoodle - is also very keen to meet her future playmate 🥰

For additional information on surrogacy, please visit

(c) 2021  - Troy James & Nathan Grima

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