Make time for YOU!

Too busy eh? Hmmm… Ever had someone say that to you? Maybe you’ve said it yourself!
I guess at some stage we all have, but what is it that makes us ‘soooo damned busy?’

Is all that we are trying to do on a daily basis really THAT important?

Sure, family – ageing parents or kids in particular – come first, then work. But what if you’re semi-retired or *GASP* retired!!?

Even if you’re not! – What is soooo important that we become ‘too busy’ to do something extra?

Now I’m no ‘robe clad yogi’ but my daily walk helps me chill and be grateful for what I have and what I’m doing on a daily basis. I like to think that you can’t go back in time and change anything.

It’s gone. End of story. And without sounding ‘alarmist’ tomorrow may never come.

Eg; You might die for some reason.

So the ONLY time we have is NOW!... The only time to do ‘something’ or start something is NOW!

The point of all that being we should never allow ourselves to be ‘sooo busy’ that we can’t do just one more thing that might make us or someone else happy.

Doing so means that when tomorrow comes – and I do like to believe it will for now! – you have started to do something that satisfies you or helps someone. This could be as simple as going for a walk, a drive, a swim or yes… even shopping for someone who can’t easily – if that’s what you want to do!

But what about writing? Sharing your story for future generations?

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to jot down a few notes right? And you don't even have to put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard! - More on that below...

Ok – my mum was a prolific ‘diarist’ and I have copies of most of her musings, but she never considered herself a ‘writer’. She just enjoyed noting down stuff that happened during her life.

For instance, life growing up in the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s + then notes from her 60+ years volunteering for an aged cared charity and finally her life as she aged – including the passing of my dad from a heart attack and her final years health issues and more. In other words the good –and the not so good.

She didn’t ‘write’ so much as make ‘notes’.  But they were descriptive notes and included copies of letters received and more.

Now let’s jump into the 21st century!...

Too easy! - Make notes on your phone!

With all the modern ‘tech’ around us these days you don’t even have to write. Just talk and record some notes on your phone, iPad or Tablet

And while you're at it, why not go and scroll through your own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, you'll soon see you’ve been ‘diarising’ your life for some time now right?  Believe it or not!

Maybe you have a wicked sense of humour. Maybe you’ve shared positive posts from others reflecting your own views or congratulated friends & family on new additions to the family.  

THIS is your life. THIS is a reflection of who you are!

See… you’re not too busy after all eh?? 😊

(c) 2021 - Brian Pickering

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