Lookin' good Granny!

I suppose the joy in having grandchildren can be many things.  

At first there is the pure joy of seeing that first baby, the child that brings hope and will take your family into the future, the first cuddles; the wonder at seeing the way they develop.

It's sometimes a journey of pain as well as pleasure. For some there is the tyranny of distance.

Having a grandson or daughter way across the world and only being an occasional part of their lives, can cause immense hurt.

For us, we lived near our first two grand-daughters for a few years, then we moved;
Seeing  all of them became a difficult exercise, due to our work and their routines.

But there were holiday times, and we tried to get to some of the sports they participated in. I wish we could have been closer at the time.

I was the crazy grandma!... I let them make a real mess with chopped up garden produce, and sticky pastry, we made jam tarts and strange concoctions of chopped tomatoes and sugar, the pastry might have been a little grey by the time it was cooked, and I had to try the tomato special. Which was a challenge.

One day they picked lemons and sold lemonade outside our house. We had hilarious dress ups, with wigs and lipstick and long dragging skirts.

I loved all that, and have missed seeing the grandkids on a regular basis, so catching up at any time is precious. Our grandson spent a lot of weekends with us when we lived on a caravan park, there was the beach, and lots of crazy old men we chatted to, he knew them all, and loved sitting by the fire and watching them making things.  

So they got to know that not all grandpas and grandmas lived by strict rules.  We were different and the kids seemed to love it.  

I don’t wear grandma clothes, I wear strange garments and dye my hair purple sometimes, I have a small tattoo but make sure it is discreet.

I love rock music, and fun times. We can share a bottle of champagne together and have a giggle… how perfect is that? The girls are in their twenties now and have become beautiful young women.

I am happy to say now we have times with our grand-daughters that are inspirational. One is a new Mum and is just amazing. She has a beautiful boy who will soon be one year old.

Our other delightful grand-daughter is about to travel the world she has already been to America, and next will go to Europe. We can share experiences talk of art or life, and cover any subject.  We are so proud of them.    

I want them both to have the wonderful life they deserve and will encourage them all the way.

After all… life is for living!   

© 2022 Jacqui Lee


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