MyStory (So Far!) In 24 Photos!

Back in the 1930's and 40's, the family camera was pretty rare!... But those families that did have them, managed to record many special moments for posterity!... UK born & bred blogger, artist & creative designer Brian Lee (now a 'dinky di' Aussie!) shares a brief glimpse via 24 photos into his 86years (& counting) of life here on planet earth!


1935 - Brian Lee

A newborn Brian, a couple of months old,
on an outing somewhere near home, with his loving mother.

Note the healthy set of ears he possessed!...
All the better to hear you with!  


1935 - Brian Lee

Another early photo of Brian, in the garden of his Bristol home,
with Mum. He still has the ears, but he also appears to have
had a good feed just recently; he’s half asleep.


 1938 - Brian Lee

Brian, now about three years old, on holiday at Paignton, in Devon.

He DID spend some time on the beach during the two weeks,
not on this bench all the time!

 1939 - Brian Lee

Brian, accompanied by the family car,
(which he hadn’t learned to drive yet,
but he made quite a good mascot!)

They just don’t make cars like this any more - thank goodness.


 1942 - Brian Lee
A school photo, at about age seven.

You will note that not a lot of trouble was taken
in those days to arrange a decent background! 


 1945 - Brian Lee
VE Day Parade, Brian in front row,
doing ‘goose-step'. 


 1948 - Brian Lee
Posing in a friend’s garden, in first ‘posh’
sports jacket, my very first teen/adult garment. 


 1949 - Brian Lee
When Brian was in the Cubs prior to becoming a scout.
He’s the short one, five from the left, back row but one. 


  1951 - Brian Lee

On holiday with his parents at Goodrington, Devon. You’ll note the sports jacket was still considered fashionable!



 1952 - Brian Lee

 On holiday with a mate at Goodrington, Devon.
At last he’s wearing something a bit more sporty!



 1953 - Brian Lee
First year of National Service, as a radar operator in the RAF.

A great two years that he enjoyed very much,
he’s never been so fit, ever since.


 1959 - Brian Lee
Getting married to Jacqui his lovely wife,
who he is still with, sixty-two years later.

SOMETHING must have been right,
for her to put up with him for so long!


 1959 - Brian Lee

 On their honeymoon on Dartmoor, Devon,
Jacqui in their Nash Metropolitan.

Last photograph before emigrating
from England to New Zealand.


 1963 - Brian Lee

Studio photograph of them with their growing family,
Kerry and Vincent.

Ross didn’t arrive until after they returned
to England at the end of 1963.


 1963 - Brian Lee
Brian looking very thoughtful in their home in Auckland. Don’t ask what he was thinking about—very little I would guess! 


 1963 - Brian Lee
Brian at work in his studio, Auckland. He looks as though he was really enjoying his work, and life in New Zealand.


 1965 - Brian Lee
Brian at work in his studio again, but this time back in England.

One of the very few periods of his life when he didn’t have a beard; the kids used to cry if he shaved it off!


 1967 - Brian Lee
Brian  with his trusty glider at Keevil Aerodrome,
Wiltshire, prior to going for a flight. 

This was his favourite hobby among
all the others he tried. He flew for many years.


 2000 - Brian Lee

 Brian, back in Australia when he was President of his Lion’s club, after running a Lion’s Convention, being presented with a certificate.


 2002 - Brian Lee
A very rare photograph of Brian’s whole family, Vince, Debra, Brian, Jacqui, Kerry, Phil, Mandy, (with Kirsten), and Ross.


 2004 - Brian Lee

Having a very good day at the Melbourne Cup.
High jinks in the car-park - some never even got to see the race, it was too much fun outside.


 2008 - Brian Lee

 Brian at Agnes Falls, Gippsland, admiring the view and enjoying being in typical Australian gear, for whatever situation, this suited.


 2010 - Brian Lee
In the centre of Melbourne, where he and Jacqui often went for the scenery and the activity! Not so keen to go there now, too many people have been affected by Covid-19 for it to be fun any more.


 2021 - Brian Lee
A recent photograph of Brian, still enjoying life with Jacqui in a small Gippsland village, among a group of very good friends.

He has travelled to many parts of the world over the years, but Australia is where he and his wife have lived the longest,
with no regrets.

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