Cool Waters - My Special Place

Have you ever had that one place you like to go to often that just ‘sings’ to you? A special place that perhaps brings back memories of younger days when life was so happy?

I grew up in Brinsmead – a suburb of Cairns in FNQ and as a kid, often used to walk across to Freshwater Creek that ran through the Coolwaters Caravan Park.
For me it's a very special place. I still absolutely love it because it brings peace to my heart.

We moved here when my sister passed away. It was a challenging time for the family and as you might imagine losing my sister when I was so young was hard, so this place is a beautiful time out for me personally.

I’d often come down to swim here, although we weren't allowed to. And sometimes my brother and I would also fish here, though we weren't allowed to do that either!

The park manager used to always chase us away and take our fishing rods.

But now,  years later, I can come back (quietly!) and bring my own kids here and enjoy the peace and calmness of the place.

When I tell people about my special place to go & ‘chill’ many don’t really understand what I’m talking about, or what it really means to me.

Even though it’s just a little creek, it’s an absolute hidden treasure.

And hardly anyone knew about it at the time unless you grew up around here and you're a local, it's a little hidden gem.

These days my daughter Emily loves to come down with me and feed the turtles. She loves the turtles but is a bit frightened of the eels. But funnily enough the eels will simply come up and eat out of our hands. And the fish start to gather around very quickly – They’re a bit greedy I think because there’s plenty of food in the creek!!

And my son Josh is besotted with native plants. He can name just about anything just by looking at them!

But what particularly brings me back to this place often is the sight, the sounds and listening to the water gently flow down the creek. It literally sings to me!

And just looking at my kids interact with the place the way that I did as a kid brings back some very peaceful memories.

It's soothing and makes me very happy but at the same time makes me a bit sad remembering my late sister.

But best of all it’s absolutely safe and a great way to help come me to accept the past as well as make my day to day life happy again.

I love it!...

(c) 2000 Michelle M.
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