Livin' The Dream?... Yea Right!! (c) Leah Ivy
I'm cranky. Not at the world. Nope. Just at myself! And you probably won't read about this in too many places because it sure doesn't fit with the "living on the road dream!"
Man oh man am I pi**ed off with myself. Epically peeved!
You see, over the last 12 months of travel, I've realised I'd allowed myself to fall into Gender based roles, in the van, on the road.

Leah Ivy - Vantastic Aus"I'll do the inside, you do the outside."
It's practical and it works. Often you're needing to hit the road so doing it this way, well it keeps things, shall we say harmonious. 🤣
So here's the reality, some times things don't go to plan, if you're one of two, your partner might fall ill, they may have to go away or you might just go your separate ways.
You might find yourself on the road alone and you are going to have to do everything yourself!

Inside AND out!

Think about it.... could you do that? I can almost hear the scoffing. "Well of course I could!"
Well not me, I admit it! And THAT'S why I'm pi**ed off at myself.
Caravan Electrics - (c) Leah IvyI should've pushed through my own fears and insisted on learning all INSTEAD of falling into the comfortable and easy. I'm a capable chick, I know I CAN do it. I just didn't.
So, there is an upside here.... It's never too late to learn!
Toilet Cassette - (c) Leah IvyWhilst I'm still mulling over my "setup" and what to do, I can tell you this, the next time I hit the road regardless of what, when "n" where, or what in, I will know what every little thing does, how and why it does it!
So apologies in advance to whoever comes into contact with me and my million and one questions! And don't even get me started on reversing! 🤣
Water & Power Monitor - (c) Leah IvySo my point, whilst I know that many of you will no doubt know how to do it all, there are some of us that just don't.
And I hope that by sharing this, it might help one person, guy or gal, have the conversation.
That'd be Vantastic!!
Because you just never know when you might just find yourself having to do it ALL...

(c) 2021 - Words & images Leah Ivy - Originally published on Vantastic Aus
If you're not into caravanning, the images above are just a few of the things 'blokes' mostly deal with while the ladies look after sorting out stuff inside the caravan. Electrics & general safety stuff, 12v & 240v & water tank levels plus the portable toilet cassette (bottom right!) - and while there are many MANY females doing both inside & outside stuff, Leah's story above rings very true! :-)

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