I Hate Bat Wings!

Bat Wings!!... This is what I call my excess upper arm blubber. Nothing seems to move it.

It just creeps up on you as you age. Not everyone has it, but there are many who do.

I reckon I have enough of it to donate to the breast reconstruction unit at any major hospital.

I figure I could re-build about 8 (size C cup) breasts.

Why is there not a donation of excess tissue organisation? I would be the first to line up. It would be a great way to rid myself of this horrible stuff. I would gladly give it away.

Nothing I do seems to move it. I have tried all manner of exercise, diet and potions. Still, it clings onto me. Jiggling whenever I move my arms. It prevents me from buying nice shirts, usually the sleeves are way too tight.

Sleeveless shirts and dresses are the go, but then others have to look at my unsightly  arms.

It is a 'no-win' situation!

Kaftans would probably hide all, but who wants to wear a kaftan every day. I would need to sing like Kamahl if I were decked out in a Kaftan. That would not happen.

Maybe some of you fellow 'bat wingers' have a solution.

That should read ex-bat wingers, if you still have them, you obviously are like me and have never come across a suitable remedy yet.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Lockhart

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