Let's Party!!

When you’re single, going clubbing is a great way to meet people with similar interests, I met most of my friends through nightclubs while I was a single girl.

It’s also a great way to get away from your worries and just be able to let go in an environment where no-one looks twice if you’re dancing like an idiot, talking to everyone and anyone, generally, just having a great time with not a care in the world.



Different nightclubs have different types of environments. You have your gay clubs – a lot of Kylie Minogue or trance style music, rave clubs – very trancey music (meaning, everyone is dancing like they are in another world), and drinkers clubs.

Commercial and old dance music, a lot of people that like to get drunk, we call these clubs the ‘Pub Nightclubs’, water drinkers clubs – these are the best nightclubs of all time, although some may say it’s a ‘Chemically enhanced’ environment, but the music is unreal, top DJ’s, mostly Hi-NRG music and a lot of happy, friendly and very excited people to talk to.

You may find a few Drag Queens in each different nightclub, they occasionally put on a show. Also, some nightclubs will hire podium dancers (girls dancing on the podium) for some added entertainment.


Gay Bar Clubbing!People are drawn to the whole atmosphere of ‘The Scene’ (as we call it). Everyone knows everyone and everybody is happy and friendly. The music is loud and pumping, the strobe lights and lasers are going off all the time, and everyone is partying their hardest.

However, there are some drawbacks, ie. ‘The Heavies’, these guys are similar to The Mafia. You will notice that they sit on the outskirts in a club, usually big guys, some with trench coats, and they just sit there and stare at everyone all night. So don’t look at them, and they won’t bother you.

Another thing that makes people want to go clubbing all the time, is the music.

When you’re sitting at home or driving with the music going, and a particular song comes on that you like, you remember back to when you heard it in the nightclub, and you think of how great a time you had and it makes you want to go back for more.


The ‘Real Clubbers’ are my favourite, they really know how to dress to impress. The girls wear lots of shiny little outfits, usually two-piece, either hot-pants and a little top or a skirt and a little top.

The good thing about nightclubs is that you can dress as outrageously as you want, and everyone will compliment you for it. Comfort is never an issue with shoes, they must look good and especially have to match the outfit, they can be any colour so long as they match, and remember, if wearing hot pants, you must wear knee-high boots!

Girls… don’t forget your body glitter if you want to shine.

But if you opt for something simpler, I would suggest just a pair of tight black pants and a sleeveless top – remember, it gets boiling hot in a nightclub, so dress as minimum as you can.

Guys are pretty easy to dress, black pants will never fail, and tight tops are great (if you have the body).

A lot of nightclubs won’t let guys in if your top doesn’t have sleeves or a collar, and remember to wear the right shoes, no sneakers or runners, black shoes are the way to go.

Guys and Girls, remember to bring your sunnies for when you leave the club in the morning!

Hairstyles, can be worn any way you like. Most girls will opt for a hairpiece (in the form of a long ponytail) as it looks great and is just easier, because of the humidity in the club, your hair will turn into one big frizzball if you try and blow-dry it straight.

Remember to use as many chemicals in your hair as possible to keep it intact!!

Having said all that, going out clubbing with friends is what life is all about right now yea?...

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(The original author preferred to remain anonymous this time)

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