Think about this for a moment... life in general has a fairytale gloss about it - for instance reality TV. Probably about as far from reality as we can go right?...

Or what about the beauty business? Not much there that is real either! 
What you see is not what the person started life with. Too often it cost a few thousand dollars or a trip to Thailand.

Beauty is no longer a gift of nature, as we gaze in awe at beautiful hair on a model and wish our locks were just as glossy and thick, even though we know this may well be false hair pieces, a wig, or woven hair.

So many clever ploys to make it look what it is not.  Those sparkling blue eyes, on the pretty girl, are lenses covering her brown eyes, she is gorgeous anyway, just doesn’t accept it.  

But why do we need to appear what we are not? Searching for perfection or change is not the road to happiness.

The ugliest trends are more connected to extreme plastic surgery. Removing fat and replacing it to make buttocks that could easily have their own post code. Or a bosom that arrives at a destination a few minutes before the woman in question.

Can they not see that excess is ugly?

Ok so there have been rare moments when I wished my small bosoms were larger. But only for a mere second or two. When I became a feeding machine it was apparent that there were disadvantages to more meaty mammaries; I welcomed back my size 36B.

Dentistry is now a wonderful art, if you have a healthy bank balance you can easily have a smile to dazzle. I have not a smile to dazzle, it is helped by some basic dentistry and teeth that come out like stars at night. Well not true I keep them in!

I am vain in that way, I admit. I use makeup, I put a cheap men’s moisturizer on my face, and at nearly 82 I am still coping without the surgeons help. But if I wished, I could sport dimples; tighten the skin under my chin… so many options.

I could have a tummy tuck or sport a new belly button too. But I would not go down that road, any surgery is risky, and the horror seen on a series about plastic surgery gone wrong would give you night mares.

Hollywood stars from yesterday go too far sometimes, a smile is fixed on like a mask. Beautiful dewy young women have lips changed, blown up and pouting and never have the same charm.

The beautiful star who did the ‘orgasm’ faking scene was truly pretty, but sad to see now. The fresh charm has gone.

She had something dreadful done to her lips and will never be that girl again.

You can have your private bits rearranged, which is a frightening thought, mine will be staying just as they are. Have no complaints and considering I am in my 80’s have no continence problems… Luck not surgery!

I do understand surgery can sometimes help if there is a serious life impacting problem. I know people who have been grateful for that help.

On that note there is a great need for plastic surgery sometimes, after an accident, when cancer strikes, losing a lot of weight too quickly, or mending birth defects, or burn scars. The surgeons doing that are just amazing.

Betty WhiteBetty White was one of my icons. At 99 she was wonderful, still looked great and seemed untouched. I think her attitude to life is mine… ‘make the most of every day and keep a sense of humour.’

Men can have false six packs. Just imagine as they age and the stomach catches up they might have a twelve pack!

There are reasons sometimes to enhance, I can understand a person having nasal plastic surgery, or droopy eyelids fixed. Surgery that enhances life can make people happy, but lips like two large sausages, a 60inch bosom or a bottom that has a life of its own?... NO… please don’t do it!

If I lived in America, by now I would have perhaps had several face lifts, a chin tightened my eyebrows lifted, and probably implants in my cheeks, but here I am, slightly sagging but happy, a smile is worth a lot, and covers a multitude of problems.

I am alive, I am content, I live in a beautiful part of the world, and best of all my husband sees me through rose tinted spectacles…

© 2022 Jacqui Lee


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