Get off ya phone mate!

Is it just me or have we now got a generation (or two!) absolutely besotted with their mobile phones?...

I like to go for a daily ‘mindful/exercise walk’ pretty much every day. It’s along the seafront here in Hervey Bay but in and out of a semi-forested area along the shoreline so plenty of birds, greenery & of course the blue waters of ‘the bay’!

I tried listening to some ‘chill music’ via earbuds once but soon gave that up (next day!) as it took away the ‘natural/mindful’ part of my daily walk.

And while I appreciate everyone can do what the heck they want, if you’re walking along the beach or sitting facing the water with its beautiful vista, or even on the ‘mini-forest’ walking track where I go, why are people on their phones all the time???

Sadly it’s not just on my daily walk either. I see this in shopping centres, people walking down the street… even in a public toilet!! (when ya gotta go ya gotta go right!) and yes, cars.

Court Guide... an Aussie First!Passengers AND drivers sometimes!

Most people who know me know I’m a bit of a ‘tech nerd’ … Waaay back in the late ‘80’s as it happens I was involved in helping develop touch screens here in AU. Even managed to get the first NSW Govt. Technology Award for one project 'Court-Guide'!

I was also a very early adopter of mobile phone tech when you needed a backpack (almost) to carry the phone around, and I helped build early versions of mobile recording studios in the UK (’72) & here (’82).

In fact Kaye & I created a downloadable audio show in late 1999 called ‘The Dog Show’… before they were called podcasts (early 2000’s) and set up a website around this time.

Moving forward, as you can see I’ve been an early adopter of all things ‘tech’ and to be honest I don’t mind social media overall – yes it does have its issues – but that aside it has enabled people to keep in touch across the world.

Sadly social media really has changed how we interact with the ‘real world’ hasn’t it?… or is ‘SocMed’ now called ‘Meta’, the new ‘real world’?

Kids & their phones!!!While taking photos is great, you only have to go to any park, beach or picnic area and see kids being kept occupied with their own iPads or Tablets, while mum and dad scroll through Facebook or Instagram/Twitter etc. It happens in the home too sadly!

Where’s the conversation? Where’s the face-to-face communication with family?

It's somewhat frustrating wondering what the future holds for those people totally engrossed with their mobile devices - especially the kids!…

Frustrating as it is I guess the only thing we can do is learn to live with it right?

Or is there another option? ☹ What do you think?

(c) 2021 Brian Pickering

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