My mum... Lucy Mavis Pickering (nee Lord)

Dear Mum….  Just wanted to say thank-you so much for your letter from April 1991. I liked it when I first read it and now – 31 years later – I absolutely LOVED it! 😊

I know some people might think it strange that I’m writing to you because we haven’t been able to chat on the phone or write to each other as much as we used to since you left us on June 11th 2009 at 8:40pm, but as far as I’m concerned you’re still with us.

In fact you would already know I’ve been talking to you and dad every morning when I stand outside at the start of my daily walk, look up at all the trees, the sky, clouds etc and thank you and ‘the universe’ for everything I have and everything you’ve ever done for me.

Some of life’s lessons you taught me I try my best to live by. I’m not always successful but if I fail, I don’t dwell on it, pick myself up and try try again!

Many people I talk to have already heard one of your sayings… “we are helped by helping others – if we give we always get”… My 21st century twist on that classic is: “… if we give we always get – Did you get my invoice?” – Hmmm ok… sorry mum… poor joke but just ask dad the accountant – he’ll get it! 😊

2GB Happiness ClubSeriously though – the 60+ years of charity work you did with 2GB The Happiness Cub – later Eurobodalla Homes for the Aged - have been inspirational. And while I’m not currently doing any charity work myself, Kaye & I have been helping a few individuals in several ways that not only makes them feel loved but also makes us feel good too.

I guess that’s where the ”…if we give we always get” part comes into it right? – We ‘get’ a good feeling for helping others yes?

Sadly today – 2022 – there is so much greed, violence and ‘false love’ in the world.

This thing called ‘the internet’ is kind of like a permanent connection between everybody that allows them to talk or type to each other anywhere anytime. Kids are locked on to their phones &  iPads – these are like electronic books but also lets them watch videos, play games and more! 

But so many of them are not talking to their mum or dad over dinner or going outside to play. How sad.

And friendships today often seem to be based on where you live or the type of house you have, what work you do, how much you earn and who you know.

Umm hang on… let me think about that. Now I remember. Seems some things haven’t changed all that much, have they?

Mum & her twin Uncle GeoffAnyway, I’d love to know what ‘spirit life is like’ and have you managed to catch up with my uncle, your twin Geoff Lord?? Of course as we’ve discussed before – if you are ever ‘re-born’ or re-incarnated… just ‘get in touch!’

I realise we probably can’t ever have the same face to face relationship as mother and son but it would be good to know that the person -the mother - I loved so much growing up is back... in some form or another :-) 

Love you forever! xxx 

© 2022 - Brian Pickering

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