Chica's Bath Time

'CHICAAA.... CHICAAAA C'mon sweetie!...'

Always amazes me. Call her name at any time of the day and 'whoosh' - like Wonder Woman she's right there by your side. But when it's bath time, suddenly she's overcome with severe hearing loss.

She's probably already in the 'awareness zone' when relaxing outside on the deck, I call her up for a pat then she sees the hairbrushes and combs on the table in front of me.

"Uh ohhh" - You can almost hear her say... But she really is a 'good little girl' and tolerates my less than perfect brushing.

I'd like to think I'm a lot more gentle than some of the groomers I've seen over the years - although I do have a few professional groomer favourites.

They've happily shown me how to bathe my dogs, trim nails, how to brush and blow dry. But I wouldn't call myself a groomer at all which is why I don't cut Chica's hair although I have 'had a go in the past'

Chica's Bath TimeEEK!... 1st and last time :-)

Meantime I needed to get the blow dryer ready (on a microphone stand hubby set up for me) - basically my own hair-dryer... Too easy! 

Towels, shampoo, conditioner... Geez it's almost as involved than when I have to wash my hair!

OK - ready at last "CHICAAA.... CHICAAAA C'mon sweetie!..."

Uh huh... gone... Funny that eh?

Finally hubby manages to round her up, She doesn't really mind once she's in the tub - it's just the thought of it....

20mins later and mostly dry she's GORGEOUS once again and does the usual race around the yard, barking and carrying on... Nice little routine we go through every other week or so...

Whew!... now I can relax for the rest of the day....

Daaarrrllliiinnng... Can you organise dinner please - I'm exhausted from washing the little girl (tee hee) *CLINK* cheers :-)


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