K'Gari = Paradise!

For me, if ever there was something that we should ALL be doing, it’s these three ‘lores’...

1 - What is good for the land comes first
2 - Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you
3 - If you have plenty, you must share

FYI, a ‘Lore’ (as opposed to a Law) is knowledge or tradition passed from generation to generation. In this case it’s from the local Butchulla mob here on the K’gari coast (prev. Fraser Island/Fraser Coast) where we are right now!

My wife Kaye & I have been ‘drawn’ to this place – specifically Hervey Bay - for the past 2+ years, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have been welcomed into several Butchulla families, even honoured with being called ‘Aunty Kaye & Uncle Brian!’

In fact we’ve already created several videos pro-bono to help promote & educate people about the culture including a major fund-raising initiative for domestic violence awareness & more…

But just think for a moment about these 3 Lores… Imagine if we could teach kids from an early age what this all means?

#1 What is good for the land comes first
Don’t just dump ‘trash’ wherever you want. Think about the impact of what YOU are doing to the land for not only yourself but future generations. This includes home-owners, builders, developers, councils & more!

#2 Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you
If it’s not yours… LEAVE IT ALONE! In other words, stealing something that doesn’t belong to you means you’ve hurt another person or cost them money. Big things (such as a car or credit card) or small things (such as a pair of shoes or whatever,) means someone goes without because of YOUR selfishness. And this includes grabbing a ‘cutting’ from someone’s front garden without asking them!

#3 - If you have plenty, you must share
Sadly the truth today is that so many people are quite selfish. “I worked hard for all this so it’s ALL MINE!! – Ok, but imagine if YOU had nothing – How would you cope??

While 21st century culture & the way we live today may not be as ‘community friendly’ as things used to be, even a small on-going donation to various charities is better than nothing.

Better still, why not get involved in your favourite local community support group. Not only does it feel good to know you’re helping others, but those people that genuinely need help will benefit from it.

So for me, if we could help educate young kids particularly about these 3 lore’s, just imagine for a moment what the future might look like…

After all, I am, you are, we are all the same… Human right?

© 2022 - Brian Pickering

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