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I Loved Debating!

Yes, really!..  And it’s definitely NOT what some of you might be thinking OK?… 😊

Nope… way back when I was in High School, I was introduced into the 'sport' of debating.

Sport? Well debating is definitely very competitive.  And, as it turns out…lots of fun.

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So What's Your Excuse... No Money?

Do any of the following comments sound familiar to you?

* I can’t go on holiday because I don’t have enough money
* I would have bought you a better present if only I had more money
* I would have got that job if I had looked better (spent more money on myself)
* If I had more money I could do things better and be a better person

Who’s in control here?  You?...  or the ‘number’ in the bottom right-hand column of your bank account?

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Space... The Final Frontier...

Yes, we may consider ourselves and the ball of rock we live on to be the most important things in the whole universe, but when you start to really think about it, that is ridiculous!

That’s what I believe anyway and there are several pieces of evidence that make me as certain as I can possibly be that this is so.

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Remembering Cherry House

My family, on my mother’s side were born and bred in Cherry House, a lovely old cottage, that the family built themselves, or had built in the late eighteen hundreds, I’m not quite sure which.

The site of the building was at Frampton Cotterell, a small village in those days, in the heart of country Gloucestershire, in England, though the place is now almost a suburb of Bristol, as the city stretches out its tentacles, growing ever bigger!

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What Really Matters?

At eighty-seven years old I no longer have any fear of dying – not that I’m particularly looking forward to it you understand, I’m just not scared of it, or the thought of it.

I have no belief in religion so I don’t spend my time worrying about what the heck I am going to do for all eternity, sitting at some God’s right hand, (if he does exist, he must have an enormous right hand, for all the ‘good’ people of history to be sitting at it!).

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Fashion... Does It Really Matter?

Back in the day you wore wool or silk or pure cotton and linen, depending on your status.  If you were poor you wore, hand knitted things, and flannel. The cloth had to be durable if you worked, fine soft muslin did not stand up to work in the fields.

Kitchens were full of greasy pans and fires that needed tending, so not a place to wear delicate material.

Also washing was done by hand, there was no clever machine spinning away in the corner.

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Wanna Go To Mars?

Kaye and I recently talked about heading off to Mars. Yes it’s true!
We are apparently ‘lucky’ Baby Boomers, but the question people ask is ‘why Mars?’

Well recent radio/television/online news once again showed we have a society of murderers, paedophiles, corrupt business people and politicians, a major war underway, climate change supporters and deniers as well as under-age suburban terrorists, reckless drivers and all those seemingly besotted with ‘look at me-look at me’ posts on social media!

Not to mention the fact young teens are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate these days. Especially males!

But why? People are blaming social media, but we think there’s a bit more to it than that.

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Which Hat Is 'You'?

Compared to today’s pretty egalitarian world, things were arranged much more formally, and formidably, less than a century ago.

Everyone ‘knew their place’ then, their position in society, the clothes they wore and the districts they lived in, and it was considered very bad form to try winning a place in a higher bracket than you had been born in, a condition no doubt fostered and maintained by those already ‘up there’ so as not to poison the water for them, as it were!

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Love Your Pet... Love Your Vet

When people visit their local vet clinic or even a vet emergency hospital, most of them  don't realise what is actually going on ‘out the back’ and how their behavior is impacting on veterinary staff.
So with the ‘Love Your Pet Love Your Vet’ project we’re trying to make pet owners aware by saying, “hey… next time you're in there and you're ready to yell at them because their costs are expensive, maybe spare a thought for what they've just dealt with already. “

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Remembering A Real ‘Superstar’

I started working in radio on my 15th birthday, and over the years I’ve also worked in TV and music recording studios here, in the UK, Spain & USA.

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have met and worked with some of the biggest ‘stars’ around. I won’t big-note myself naming all of them here but they were - and still are – among some of the biggest names around then and now.

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OH NO!... No Internet!!!

Given my 'very early adopter' tech background, until this afternoon I hadn't thought about how much we all really do depend on the internet & phones etc these days. Especially if ONLY connecting wirelessly!

Here in Hervey Bay QLD, I've been doing some video editing for a client and wanted to grab a couple of images off their website. Bumma... website down. So checked some other sites. Same.

Thought it might be my special RV-WiFi unit so re-booted that. No luck.

Tried using the phone as a Mobile Hotspot. Same thing.

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