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Life, Love, Laughter!

It’s a fact that we all look in the mirror at least once a day, right?

So what do YOU see? Some say “wrinkles’ – “ugly chin” – “crappy hair” … of course all those things tend to make those people feel uncertain or unhappy with themselves which can and often does lead into depression even if only mildly so or for a short period of time just not being happy with themselves.

But just looking at our faces is not really a ‘true reflection’ of who we are.

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Ever wanted to do this?
Ever wished you could ‘go back in time’ to a happier place? Life certainly has its moments we all know that, and sometimes it can be so overwhelming we literally just want to run away and hide.

But is there a way to deal with those emotions? Sadly, some people end up depending on drugs or alcohol to deal with the stresses of life. Others have a different approach like joining a gym to keep up the socialising or the reverse, hit the road travelling, often solo – a sort of grown up version of ‘running away!’

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Life - Just A Holiday???

I recently saw a Facebook comment that literally said, “we are all just here for a holiday… enjoy each day and stop worrying about stuff”.

Sounds about right to me!... And while it’s easy to say that, I know there are many MANY people in this world that have ‘problems’ … whether domestic violence related, work or lack of housing, general health, mental or other issues, treating our life ‘as a holiday’ might just be a way to deal with some of the problems we can often have!

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So What's Your Hobby?

American author, Phyllis McGinley, is quoted as saying "A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away".

Research shows that having a healthy mind is linked to having a healthy body and this can be gained by taking up a hobby.

Hobbies can be simple, inexpensive tasks that can be undertaken when you are alone with activities such as gardening, jigsaw puzzles, art journalling, crosswords, and reading.

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Stuffed Cauliflower - May Green

Christmas Lunch has been my responsibility since I was 14 years of age, following the passing of my mother.

Thankfully I hail from a family that appreciate good, simple food with the bulk of the vegetables coming out of the backyard vegetable garden: lettuce, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and tomatoes. So many tomatoes that my Dad blamed the fruit for his continual battle with gout!

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Crying... We all do it...

Tears are a healing thing, they flow from us and release the pain we feel. Yet we can cry for so many reasons. I can often cry with happiness, and not only women do it, I also see men crying at football matches.

Motherhood caught me unawares. I had been ill, was suddenly in a fever hospital for eight weeks. We had only been married a few months. 

My 20th birthday came and went and I was still in hospital, I had time to think. When I came back to my husband, I remember thinking. “Who knows what will happen next? Is this how life is?”

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Searching For The Future

Despite everything, the world has come a very long way in the past fifty years or so, hasn’t it, perhaps more so than at any other time is our past history?

Sadly and stupidly we all still seem anxious to try destroying each other all the time, either in Ukraine, Palestine, Central Africa and the Middle East, to name but a few, but surprisingly, still the wonderful discoveries go on being made, possibly even accelerated because of the wars.

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Aussie Stamp History

At the beginning of each year I pay a rather ordinary sum of money, usually less than the price of ten decent coffees, to Australia Post Philatelic.

Throughout those twelve months, at irregular intervals, I receive through the post sturdy white envelopes that are tougher to breach than Alcatraz. These envelopes make it to the corner of a bedroom unit where they form a pile until the calendar indicates that family will be visiting from interstate within days.

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Jacqui Lee -  Life, Love, Laughter!

Next birthday I will be 85, I don’t much care about the numbers, as inside in my rather dubious mind I am still wild, wicked and looking for fun. I don’t actually do anything but have lots of sessions joking with the coffee gang on Friday, or the restaurant friends with whom I share a glass of bubbles.

We have years of experiences of jokes, interactions and close encounters to call on, all of us have worked in various professions.   Our conversations cover all aspects of life.

Most of us have lived through an age when women in the workplace were regularly hit on or subjected to dubious treatment.  

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Working back in the day!

Starting work was taken seriously when I was 16. I wore white gloves for my interview.    I was given the job as a typist. Working at a very prestigious boys College in Bristol… I hated being in an office, so it was good thing I tried life as a nurse until I was married. Nursing became a lifelong interest.

Working in an office however, was not my only job.

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Have you ever used the excuse ‘I’m so busy. I don’t have time to exercise’?

I have. While that’s probably okay when you’re in your early 20s or 30-something, what happens after that is a bit of a worry.

As a kid I used to run everywhere. I got my Bronze Medallion for swimming. I was a pretty good surfboard rider. I enjoyed long bike rides. I did Boy Scouts and Sea Cadets. I’m sure there are a few of you who can relate.

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