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Searching For The Future

Despite everything, the world has come a very long way in the past fifty years or so, hasn’t it, perhaps more so than at any other time is our past history?

Sadly and stupidly we all still seem anxious to try destroying each other all the time, either in Ukraine, Palestine, Central Africa and the Middle East, to name but a few, but surprisingly, still the wonderful discoveries go on being made, possibly even accelerated because of the wars.

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Aussie Stamp History

At the beginning of each year I pay a rather ordinary sum of money, usually less than the price of ten decent coffees, to Australia Post Philatelic.

Throughout those twelve months, at irregular intervals, I receive through the post sturdy white envelopes that are tougher to breach than Alcatraz. These envelopes make it to the corner of a bedroom unit where they form a pile until the calendar indicates that family will be visiting from interstate within days.

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Jacqui Lee -  Life, Love, Laughter!

Next birthday I will be 85, I don’t much care about the numbers, as inside in my rather dubious mind I am still wild, wicked and looking for fun. I don’t actually do anything but have lots of sessions joking with the coffee gang on Friday, or the restaurant friends with whom I share a glass of bubbles.

We have years of experiences of jokes, interactions and close encounters to call on, all of us have worked in various professions.   Our conversations cover all aspects of life.

Most of us have lived through an age when women in the workplace were regularly hit on or subjected to dubious treatment.  

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Working back in the day!

Starting work was taken seriously when I was 16. I wore white gloves for my interview.    I was given the job as a typist. Working at a very prestigious boys College in Bristol… I hated being in an office, so it was good thing I tried life as a nurse until I was married. Nursing became a lifelong interest.

Working in an office however, was not my only job.

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Have you ever used the excuse ‘I’m so busy. I don’t have time to exercise’?

I have. While that’s probably okay when you’re in your early 20s or 30-something, what happens after that is a bit of a worry.

As a kid I used to run everywhere. I got my Bronze Medallion for swimming. I was a pretty good surfboard rider. I enjoyed long bike rides. I did Boy Scouts and Sea Cadets. I’m sure there are a few of you who can relate.

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Will they rule the world??

Robots - we’ve been hearing about them for years haven’t we?...

We’ve read about them in science fiction stories, and there’s rarely a day that goes by without some new pseudo-human figure from Japan being demonstrated on TV as it chats with us, often in a slightly strange semi- metallic sounding voice, and with ‘skin’ of a silvery aluminium colour, but otherwise, and quite frequently, really beautiful.

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Our first doggy... Picasso!

It is a very sad fact of life that we do sometimes lose our much loved pets… long before we should.  And it's much, much worse if we learn afterwards that there was something we could have done to prevent it.

Picasso's story is just such a tale…but hopefully in telling it, we can help someone else from losing their dog.

We had moved to Spain in 1992 for Brian’s work with the BBC and found a house by the beach on the Mediterranean. Life was nice but would be nicer if I had a ‘companion’ through the day!

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Artificial Intelligence

AI, the new kid on the block, the wonder that is going to help us do just about EVERYTHING, from boiling an egg to getting space ships to Mars, the electronic brain that science fiction writers have been warning us about since Frankenstein’s Monster strode the Earth, (and look at the damage he managed during his short existence.)

But what exactly is AI ?

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Don't Worry!

Having trouble finding 'true-happiness'? What is it really anyway?

A few years ago I was 'lost'... literally! No job, a failed marriage, no car and literally no-where to live. A friend offered me a bed until I sorted things out.

This one person's kindness probably saved my life, and despite all the challenges and uncertainties we are faced with every day just like I was then, finding true happiness is not impossible; it's a journey that every one of us can undertake with just a few simple steps.

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Gotta Love Mother Nature!

Nature has provided us with a wonderful world, hasn’t it, despite all the dreadful things we humans do to try and mess everything up. It’s given us beautiful sunsets to admire, mountain scenery to make us gasp, and oceans that fill us with wonder.

And while it’s doing all that, it’s also creating the air we need to stay alive, the warmth of the sun and rain so we can grow our food. Yes, we would be lost without the power of nature protecting us and, in many ways, directing us.

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What Is 'The Universe' Really?

As anyone who knows me is aware, I am a bit of a silly old duffer who, at the age of 89, has very little to do, apart from sitting around having daft ideas about what might or might not be, in this strange lump of rock we have all been dumped on.

I get ideas sometimes that make quite a lot of sense, (or so I like to think), and sometimes there’s a devil who creeps in there causing me all sorts of trouble, as I listen to the thought and say to myself, “Don’t be daft, Brian, that’s not possible – in fact it’s plain stupid”.

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