You're A Journalist..That's You!

Kaye and I first met at Triple-M FM 104.1 Brisbane about 3 months before its launch date on 22nd August 1980.

She just happened to be the very first female newsreader (As far as I can remember!) on FM radio in AU... well Brissy at least! -  I was heading up commercial production. Given my background in radio I had worked with many radio journalists but I didn't know Kaye had already been on TV as a journo on TV-1 New Zealand then BCV-8 Bendigo VIC.

Long story short - We eventually became a couple and Kaye did a lot of Aussie TV news & current affairs, CH7, Today Tonight, CH10, ABC-TV before turning her hand to creating several TV series (where she employed me as her Post-Production guy!!!!) ...

Meantime, I LOVE writing jingles and short ditties and once I realised how good she was, this one came to mind... 


So You're A Journalist?
by Brian Pickering - © 2023

Watch the video compile below! 

So you think you’ve got an angle on a story
Well I know you wouldn’t tell us any lies
Is it true that facts are just like figures
They all add up the same any way…

Ch7 Promo Shot500Then I saw you on the 6 o’clock news
And I saw you when they replayed it at ten
You’ve got your finger on the pulse
And I know you wouldn’t lie
But could you run that by me one more time again

Now the PM’s been shot & you were on the spot
Describing it as if we were all there
The emotion in your voice said it all and made us care
Whether we voted for that PM or not

But he’s ok and so are you
And tomorrow night another crew
Will take you to a story it’s your job

‘Cos you’re a journalist”
A writer of stories strange but true
Getting to the facts
Is just part of your act
‘cos you’re a journalist, that’s you.

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