Early Morning Shapemakers

Are you an 'early riser'?... Do you love to exercise first thing in the morning?

So many people do these days for all the health reasons we know about, while some... well, they like the socialising and getting out & about and 'look at me in my sexy gym outfit!

But according to Brian Lee, at the end of the day many of us forget what really matters in our weight loss goals.





They walk up the street, and then they walk down,

Sometimes with a smile and sometimes a frown,

They seem to go nowhere, just round and around,

Leisurely covering the same piece of ground.


Like every new day, they come with the dawn,

In tracksuits and Lycra of blue, red or fawn.

To streets washed with sunshine’s warm early light,

They get fresh air and exercise, all in one bite!


In two’s, three’s and four’s, they wander about,

Passing each other with loud cheery shouts.

Groups of young women carry weights in their hands,

And some tie their heads in thick towelling bands.


They walk on up the street with quite undue haste,

Hoping to burn off some fat from their waist.

They think they’re so good, getting rid of the weight

But most of it stays there, the effort’s too late!


Keeping one active is important for sure.

And there are those who say you should always do more.

But walking the streets on a warm summer day,

Is only one part of the overall play.


But a lot don’t realise, it’s not what you do,

That keeps all the fat from building on you.

Diet’s the thing that starts winning the fight,

Just don’t sit down for that one extra bite.


Then you will find that the fat rolls away,

You can see it all going, as day follows day.

No need to worry you’re losing your shape,

The proof will be there – in your measuring tape! 


(c) 2022 Brian Lee

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