Kaye & Chica - Hervey Bay

When Kaye and I set off on our 'zig-zag' tour of Australia (via Dan Murphy's!) mid 2019, the plan was to stay for a week or two - maybe a bit more - in places we really liked. We figured this would give us enough time to explore an area then move on.

A slow drive North and we ended up in Cairns for 4 months. Eventually drove south to a pre-booked caravan event in NSW then COVID hit, so we got 'locked down' in Toowoomba for 6 months. After lots of discussion we eventually agreed... 
"No more than 3 months ANYWHERE!" ...
 and headed  north again to 'check out' Hervey Bay!

At the time of writing this after 2.5 years on the road, we're still in 'Paradise' 1.5 years and lovin' it :-)



by Brian Pickering - © 2022


Well there’s an attitude of gratitude here in Hervey Bay

Latitude 25 makes us wanna play
We love the water… love the sand
Stroll the beaches hand in hand
That’s the attitude of gratitude here in Hervey Bay

When you first come here you’ll see the pier
*'Paradise'* is also near

Watch the whales and turtles too
So much fun, so much to do

The Fraser Coast, well it’s the most
Relaxing place we’ve ever been

Sunshine, rain & moonlight too
Gonna put a smile on you.

C’os there’s an attitude of gratitude here in Hervey Bay


© 2022 Brian Pickering

The reference to '*Paradise'* is K'Gari,
the island's local Butchulla mob's name for it,
(formerly known as Fraser Island)

So what's a 'Latitude'?
Hervey Bay is 25degs South & 152degs East
on Google Maps!

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