Everyone's a Poet!...Trouble is most of us just 'don't know it'.

PoetryIsNotDead 200x133Poetry is just like art or music but uses written words, rhymes or music to create images & feelings - happy sad or otherwise. 

If you can remember as a kid singling simple rhymes like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..." or "Bah Bah Black Sheep Have You Any Wool..", then you've already been exposed to the world of poetry.

Of course we can get a little more sophisticated and look at the historical speech in 1963 given by Martin Luther King, Jr... “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.” 

Strictly speaking that's a very emotive speech, but at the time particularly, it resonated with millions of people not only in America but around the world. It painted a picture - a very clear one at the time to end racism. 

So what's this got to do with MyLife.. MyStory? - PLENTY!! as you will see....


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Remembrance Day 2023

Well known Bush Poet & Aussie icon Bob Pacey has done it again with this wonderful dedication to all the men & women who served in the two World Wars, remembering them on the 11th November with this very timely and emotional poem...



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Enjoy it while you can!

Love a game of golf?... Apart from good exercise and getting out & about with friends, playing golf with your partner - married or not - can have its challenges right??

Bush Poet Bob Pacey has a 'way with words' as you'll hear/read in this very funny poem... :-) 

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Backing The Van

Ever been caravanning?... even if you haven't you've probably heard stories from those that have about all the trouble many people have while backing their caravans - especially in the smaller caravan parks. Well known Bush Poet Bob Pacey puts a 'spin' on what is a common, everyday problem - especially for newbies to the wonderful world of caravanning & camping :-) 

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Social Injustice!

It seems these days, going down the path of being a  'regular' person - that is someone who has no more than basic views about life, religion, sex or anything else, makes you into a 'radical' in some people's eyes!

We 'borrowed' this post from a Facebook friend who told us he got it in an email from a 'friend'. Hopefully we'll eventually find out who wrote it 'cos ' it's a 'classic' in so many ways :-)

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You're A Journalist..That's You!

Kaye and I first met at Triple-M FM 104.1 Brisbane about 3 months before its launch date on 22nd August 1980.

She just happened to be the very first female newsreader (As far as I can remember!) on FM radio in AU... well Brissy at least! -  I was heading up commercial production. Given my background in radio I had worked with many radio journalists but I didn't know Kaye had already been on TV as a journo on TV-1 New Zealand then BCV-8 Bendigo VIC.

Long story short - We eventually became a couple and Kaye did a lot of Aussie TV news & current affairs, CH7, Today Tonight, CH10, ABC-TV before turning her hand to creating several TV series (where she employed me as her Post-Production guy!!!!) ...

Meantime, I LOVE writing jingles and short ditties and once I realised how good she was, this one came to mind... 

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Silverton NSW

If you've ever considered travelling to check out AU's remote outback towns, Silverton NSW, while not huge, is not only famous for its history in silver mining but also because it has starred in many iconic Australian movies shot in the area such as Razorback, Mission Impossible II, Mad Max 2 and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

In this very engaging poem, Brian Lee shares his personal experience of this remote but classic 'Aussie outback town'!

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Two Of Us In A Bus!

The urge to travel and see this great land of ours also has side effects... Like being creative!

Ralph Benz and his wife Barbara used to actually run a caravan park but ultimately decided they'd rather be travelling having seen so many people do that and heard so many stories about 'life on the road'.

We caught up with them in Yass NSW @ the local Showground where we all stayed for a few days.

Ralph wrote and narrated this great poem which they've also made into a calendar.

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Early Morning Shapemakers

Are you an 'early riser'?... Do you love to exercise first thing in the morning?

So many people do these days for all the health reasons we know about, while some... well, they like the socialising and getting out & about and 'look at me in my sexy gym outfit!

But according to Brian Lee, at the end of the day many of us forget what really matters in our weight loss goals.

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Kaye & Chica - Hervey Bay

When Kaye and I set off on our 'zig-zag' tour of Australia (via Dan Murphy's!) mid 2019, the plan was to stay for a week or two - maybe a bit more - in places we really liked. We figured this would give us enough time to explore an area then move on.

A slow drive North and we ended up in Cairns for 4 months. Eventually drove south to a pre-booked caravan event in NSW then COVID hit, so we got 'locked down' in Toowoomba for 6 months. After lots of discussion we eventually agreed... 
"No more than 3 months ANYWHERE!" ...
 and headed  north again to 'check out' Hervey Bay!

At the time of writing this after 2.5 years on the road, we're still in 'Paradise' 1.5 years and lovin' it :-)

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YES! by Brian Lee

Language, especially English, is pretty complex when you think about it. So many words that all have the exact same meaning, but depending on the context it can often be taken the 'wrong way'!

Brian Lee has come up with one 'very small' word that has so much meaning, depending on how it's used...

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