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PODCAST: Love Your Pet Love Your Vet

When a member of your family is unwell – it’s not uncommon for the carer to feel overwhelmed by emotions when the doctor or nurse is talking about the health issue and explaining treatment options.

It happens in both human hospitals and even more frequently in veterinary hospitals where the cost of medical procedures doesn’t enjoy the same safety net that Medicare provides for human health care.

Now – there’s a new campaign to educate pet parents about what vets and vet nurses really have to endure on a daily basis which will hopefully help them think twice before criticising their pet’s care-providers.

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Community Flights

For people living in Hervey Bay on QLD's Fraser Coast, it's a sort of 'mini paradise' - but despite some excellent medical facilities, any specialist care usually means a trip to Brisbane, just over three and a half hours away by car.

But a very clever local pharmacist Mark McMurtrie - has come up with a great new service called Community Flights. 

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Creative Art For All Styles & Ages!

Ever felt that 'creative urge' - especially when it comes to painting or drawing but thought... "must cost a lot to do that!!"??

Well Michelle Valdivia aka Miss Shelly Seashells who lives in Hervey Bay QLD, realised many people... young kids, disabled people & pensioners etc, weren't easily able to try out their creativity so she set up a series of public & private art sessions catering for a range of people and styles at very little cost...

Michelle explains how she got started & more in this short podcast.

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Sip Paint & Munch over Brunch!

Ever considered yourself an 'artist'?... Neither did we, until we went to a very relaxed late morning paint session in Hervey Bay QLD called 'Sip, Paint & Munch over Brunch'!

It's just one of many events created by local artist Michelle Valdivia, aka Shelly Seashells. Lots of fun and whether you've painted before or not, you might just be surprised at how talented we all are without ever knowing it!

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Men of Arrows - Nadia Crighton

'Men of Arrows' is a fantasy/fiction book written by first-time author but longtime journalist Nadia Crighton.

Based on her own personal on-going drama in a relationship with 4 kids and uncertainties as to what lay ahead, Nadia describes how she rose from that dark part of her life and created an amazing book that we think should be made into a movie! 

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On any given day of the week we often hear News reports that a road accident which caused serious injuries or even worse, deaths, was caused by a driver having a ‘medical incident’.

Transport Departments don’t keep official statistics – but it’s thought these ‘medical incidents’ number in the thousands annually which is why one woman who nearly died after being hit by someone feeling a ‘bit fuzzy’… is mounting a campaign to help drivers recognise when they’re a danger to others and how to keep themselves and the rest of us safe.

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Paradise! - King Island

Is this the 'ULTIMATE' sea/tree change?

While many of us have already started the 'big journey' around Australia whether for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years & more... some people have already made the move to downsize not only as far as house sizes (& mortgages) are concerned but as a way of making a complete lifestyle change.

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What Are You Hiding?

Hey fellas... every worn a bra? I must confess I did once — just to see what it felt like, okay!

So why then am telling you about what is predominately a ‘female thing’? Well, I want you (males in particular) to discover one of the secrets hidden behind the bra — literally.

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Why Would I Ever Leave Goulburn!

Goulburn in NSW was proclaimed as Australia's first inland city by Queen Victoria in 1863 and has over the years become one of the most popular regional locations that many people looking for a 'tree change' move to.

Home of 'The Big Merino' and just a couple of hours from Sydney, an hour from Canberra and the south coast, b
orn & bred local Jacki Waugh explains why she thinks Goulburn is so special.

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Stranger In Another Land!

Imagine saying to your new boss in a new country…  ‘Come downstairs with me - I am horny’!!!.. Yep. That’s what happened to me in Spain.

Yep that and many other experiences from having lived and worked in several countries over the years have in many ways revealed what it’s like to be a ‘stranger in another land’.

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Why I Love Travelling Solo

Ever thought about travelling Australia full-time? Well that's exactly what Lee Russell has done for the past 2 years in her Trakka Motorhome. Why?... As she told us... 'cos I can'!

But Lee isn't the sort of person to just 'get up and go!... She is also very safety conscious and has some good tips for anyone considering getting out on the road.

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