Ever thought about travelling Australia full-time? Well that's exactly what Lee Russell has done for the past 2 years in her Trakka Motorhome. Why?... As she told us... 'cos I can'!

But Lee isn't the sort of person to just 'get up and go!... She is also very safety conscious and has some good tips for anyone considering getting out on the road.

In this chat you'll occasionally, hear another voice laughing & commenting - another solo female traveller whose story can be heard here: https://bit.ly/RebelRunaway2CircusStar 

Also you'll hear Kaye & Lee mention her Kalbarri wine-glass cooler... something Kaye would like for herself!.... ☺

Lee picked this one up during her travels in WA.
Check out the Kalbarri Visitor Centre where she got it from!

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