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River-2-Reef Success Story!

Some people diagnosed with a health issue likely to shorten their life choose to just ‘give-in’ and wait for the inevitable.

Not Anthony Moffatt aka ‘Moff’ – he wanted to do his part to raise funds for brain cancer research by cycling from the southernmost point on the mainland all the way up the East Coast to the northernmost point at Cape Tribulation.

And…73 days later… after peddling over a hundred kilometres a day – he made it, along with his chief supporter – his wife Arlene who drove their caravan with his extra bikes and monitored his progress every scary step of the way!

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Arlene 'Warrior Woman' & Moff

In case you missed it, we recently introduced you to Anthony Moffatt aka ‘Moff’ who was on a fund raising bike ride for brain cancer research, cycling all the way from Tidal River at the very bottom of the Australian mainland all the way up to Cape Tribulation in far north QLD…

And… he succeeded! Of course Moff couldn’t have completed this epic 4,800 kilometre adventure without his most passionate supporter – his wife Arlene – Kaye caught up with her to hear her part in this incredible story…

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Dr Anne Quain - Small Animal Talk

 A lot of people have that idea that vets & nurses just work with 'cute & fluffy animals all day' and interestingly enough, when people apply for vet nursing and vet jobs, they're quite often looking for a career change, and they say they want to get out of the rat race and so on.

A veterinary practice is not quite the place to be if you need a bit of an escape. It's actually a very stressful job in many ways, and you just don't have any time for yourself. Well know blogger & much loved Vet Dr Anne Quain reveals all in this short but fascinating podcast as she reveals 'what goes on in a vet practice' & why they need to make more time for themselves!

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Life, Love, Laughter!

Most people enjoy the company of others. I do too as it happens but there is a 'limit' - Personally I prefer smaller gatherings whether that's family or friends or even meeting new people.

And no... I'm not a 'hermit' or a 'hermette' - a newish 'secret society' of women who prefer their own company! 

This narrated version can also be read here if you prefer... :-)

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Lorraine & Mark McMurtrie

Here at MyLife MyStory we've been lucky to have met and chatted with some pretty amazing people over the past 12 months or so.

One of those just happens to be Lorraine McMurtrie - the mother of Mark McMurtrie who recently launched Community Flights in the Wide Bay QLD area helping transport patients requiring specialist medical care to Brisbane - normally a 7hr return journey by car.

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Community Flights Officially Launched!

Community Flights is the brainchild of River Heads (Hervey Bay QLD) Pharmacist Mark McMurtrie & his partner Melissa Lay who has been integral from the beginning bringing her experience in the community sector during her time with the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.

This short Podcast with Mark & Melissa reveals even more about WHY this project is so important & how they 'hooked up'!

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Art Therapy for Indigenous Kids

After finally selling their house in Bendigo VIC, Robyn & Pete Robinson hit the road running with their much loved pooch Paddy. Both do occasional work on the road to help the budget but recently Robyn was offered an opportunity in a very remote part of Australia - Aurukun - a mostly indigenous town just a short 13.5hr drive from Cairns FNQ or 44hrs from Melbourne!

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Ron McD Stuart - VK2ASJ

I started working in radio on my 15th birthday, and over the years I’ve also worked in TV and music recording studios here, in the UK, Spain & USA.

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have met and worked with some of the biggest ‘stars’ around, but the strongest memory I have of just about anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting & working with was a man called Ron Stuart… who also went by the handle of VK2ASJ.

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PODCAST: Love Your Pet Love Your Vet

When a member of your family is unwell – it’s not uncommon for the carer to feel overwhelmed by emotions when the doctor or nurse is talking about the health issue and explaining treatment options.

It happens in both human hospitals and even more frequently in veterinary hospitals where the cost of medical procedures doesn’t enjoy the same safety net that Medicare provides for human health care.

Now – there’s a new campaign to educate pet parents about what vets and vet nurses really have to endure on a daily basis which will hopefully help them think twice before criticising their pet’s care-providers.

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Community Flights

For people living in Hervey Bay on QLD's Fraser Coast, it's a sort of 'mini paradise' - but despite some excellent medical facilities, any specialist care usually means a trip to Brisbane, just over three and a half hours away by car.

But a very clever local pharmacist Mark McMurtrie - has come up with a great new service called Community Flights. 

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Creative Art For All Styles & Ages!

Ever felt that 'creative urge' - especially when it comes to painting or drawing but thought... "must cost a lot to do that!!"??

Well Michelle Valdivia aka Miss Shelly Seashells who lives in Hervey Bay QLD, realised many people... young kids, disabled people & pensioners etc, weren't easily able to try out their creativity so she set up a series of public & private art sessions catering for a range of people and styles at very little cost...

Michelle explains how she got started & more in this short podcast.

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