People often feel overwhelmed when trying to tell their ‘story’ – but it’s easier than you might think. And don't put it off thinking negative thoughts like.. "I can't write... I'm not a writer!! 

Just think of an event, a time or place in your life – whether it was last week, last year or growing up that has had an impact on your life. Maybe an impact on you as a person or your family or friends.

It doesn’t have to be a ‘bad’ experience – it doesn’t have to be the best experience.

But no matter WHERE you start you’ll soon be reminded of other stories you will hopefully, want to tell.

For example: “I won the lottery about 15 years ago and had many friends. Now all the money is gone I live alone on a pension.”

Best of all you can be 'anonymous'  OR... we can simply chat with you and create a Podcast! - Too easy :-)

Please make sure you read & understand the terms & conditions below related to the Copyright/re-use of any text or images you may use in your stories.

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Basically you write your own story in your own time then email it to us either as Plain TEXT in the email or an attached WORD.doc document.

If you have any images you'd like to include, feel free to do so. Please make sure to check the copyright information below for images that are not your own.

When you share your story with you confirm you own the copyright to all the text and images in it or note relevant credit/s where required such as images (see below). We also confirm that we will not re-distribute, offer for sale or re-use in any form without your written permission.

If you have already created content for another website including your own or have already had content published either in a newspaper, magazine or even social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc, please make sure you add at the bottom of your story...

Originally published on (name of publication/website etc) and re-used with permission.
Then a link to the website etc.

There are many choices to purchase images for a reasonable price - eg; just a few dollars - so if any image you use is either your own or purchased, there is no need to note the source (except maybe family photos)
Eg; IMAGE: From the 'XYZ family album'

For generic images we use where you can also select preferred amount to purchase an image - Average is just a few dollars especially by choosing the smallest size available.

If an image is re-used from ANY source other than your own (or purchased) you should ideally seek permission to re-use first or at the very least add text;

Eg; IMAGE: (c)

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Have fun!.... Brian & Kaye

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