Art Gallery

Art GalleryIf you've already had a good look around this site you'll probably have worked out we have some very creative people here! Not only blogs, but videos, podcasts and more. 

This is a relatively new section where we hope to highlight other talents people have such as their love of painting and design, maybe quilting, crafting, basket weaving, drawing or whatever creative area they love!

PLUS... if your kids love drawing just send it in and we'll add them here too.

Please note: We're currently 'experimenting' with this category so if something isn't quite right, just let us know please!!

'Special' Paintings by Brian Lee

These paintings are a bit special to me as most of them are very specific to where we live and special places my wife Jacqui and I have visited.

All these pictures, except the last two are acrylic with the others being water colours.

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