'Special' Paintings by Brian Lee

These paintings are a bit special to me as most of them are very specific to where we live and special places my wife Jacqui and I have visited.

All these pictures, except the last two are acrylic with the others being water colours.







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Bonnie Doone by Brian Lee

Bonnie Doone - (c) Brian Lee‘Bonnie Doone’ is a comparatively small place in the north of Victoria, but it contains one of Melbourne’s major water supply dams, surrounding the village of Eildon, after which the lake/dam is named and a large area of terrain.

This painting is of part of one of the many farms with which the whole countryside around the Lake is scattered.

 On Acheron Way by Brian Lee

On Acheron Way - (c) Brian Lee

‘Acheron Way’
is a dirt road through an immense area of forest, not far away from the site of my ‘Bonnie Doone’ painting above.

A lovely area of steep valleys and large trees..








  Mount Buffalo by Brian Lee
Mount Buffalo - (c) Brian Lee

‘Mount Buffalo’
is one of Melbourne’s ski resorts during the winter months and a tourist trap in the summer.

The enormous “pebbles” ion this painting are the result of some ancient glacier, rolling and grinding large blocks of rock for many centuries, until they took this shape, just like the small ones we find on any beach today.



 General Store Port Albert by Brian Lee
General Store Port Albert (c) Brian Lee

This is the General Store is one of the major old buildings in the heart of this small, but important little town of Port Albert.

The first port opened in the Gippsland area and still functioning today, more as a fishermen’s venue than a place where commerce takes place.


 Yarram Post Office by Brian Lee 
Ruined Cottage Port Albert - (c) Brian Lee
‘Yarram Post Office’ as its name implies, this is the source of all mail coming into, and leaving the town.

It has served the area for any years and still operating now, mainly handling parcels in this changing world.


 Our Home In Yarram-Vic  by Brian Lee

Our Home in Yarram (c) Brian Lee

What else can I say!?... This is where we have lived for the past twenty-five years, so long that we are now, (nearly always), referred to as “locals”!





All drawings/artwork etc (c) Brian Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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