Seascapes by Brian Lee

I just love being by or close to the sea!... and who doesn't?

All these paintings are produced in Acrylics.







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Point Nepean - Vic

Point Nepean VIC - (c) Brian Lee‘Point Nepean’ is at the very southernmost tip of Port Philip, an area of very strong tides as this is the only opening through which the whole of Port Philip has to be filled twice every day.





Fishing, Port Albert - Vic

Fishing - Point Albert Vic   - (c) Brian Lee'Fishing, Port Albert’, is one of the oldest parts of Gippsland, having been the only route inland after arriving by sea from Melbourne or Sydney. Now a quiet little fishing port and holiday destination for many Melburnians, and the home of a famous fish and chip shop!





Experiment with an Apple iPen
Experiment with Apple i-Pen - (c) Brian Lee

This isn’t a real scene at all, Apple lent me an iPad and an Apple iPen, to try out for them and this is the result, a totally imaginary scene of a non-existent piece of shoreline. For clarity I have called it ‘Experiment with an iPen’.





   Sun Worshipper
Sun Worshipper (c) Brian Lee‘Sun Worshipper’ was a bit of fun I indulged in, having seen this girl as you see in the painting. I have no idea who she was but she was good fun to paint!




 Philip Island Vista
Philip Island Vista - (c) Brian Lee 

‘Philip Island Vista’. The main town of Philip Island is Cowes, and this painting is of the waterfront of the place. The sea nearly always tends to be very calm here, on the bayside of the island, unlike Back Beach, on the other side of the island, which is open to the Great Southern Ocean.



Back Beach Sorrento - Vic
 Back Beach Sorrento (c) Brian Lee

'Back Beach, Sorrento’, this is the stretch of coastline made infamous by the fact that Prime Minister Harold Hold drowned mysteriously in 1967 while swimming at Cheviot beach.

A very good surfing beach but can be dangerous!




All drawings/artwork etc (c) Brian Lee

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