Random Artwork by Brian Lee

Over the years doing graphic design and being an artist, I've been lucky to have worked with and created many many different styles  of works. Some commercial some just for fun... and the fun part of being creative is to literally do  just whatever it is that takes your fancy right?

So the following is a small sample of drawings & paintings etc with a short description about each one.  





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Iris In Bloom by Brian Lee

Iris In Bloom - (c) Brian Lee
This flower was growing in our front garden a few years ago and I liked it so much I decided to paint it. I used my usual media for the work, acrylics, which I prefer, mainly because oil paint can take a very long time to dry, and I just don’t have that kind of patience!






Port Albert Abstract by Brian Lee

Port Albert Abstract - (c) Brian LeeThis... as the title implies, is an abstract vision trying to capture something of the spirit of the place, rather than an actual photographic style of image.

I’ve tried to capture the business of the little town, because it often is very busy, especially in summer when a lot of tourists come visiting, as well as many fishermen, with their boats and trailers. This work was produced in acrylics.



  Coming Home by Brian Lee
Coming Home - (c) Brian Lee

'Coming Home' represents a very familiar sight around where we live, an area which is almost completely dedicated to cattle, either for milk or for beef; and timber, with large blocks of forest interspersed amongst the grazing paddocks, all combining to make Gippsland a great place to live!

Yet another piece of acrylic work.



 North Victoria Farmland by Brian Lee
North Victoria Farmland (c) Brian Lee

This is another acrylic painting I did in the Bonnie Doon area, just a few kilometers from my painting “Bonnie Doon” which I believe is included in another set of my paintings, to be exhibited here under the heading ‘Special Paintings’.



 Ruined Cottage Port Albert by Brian Lee 
Ruined Cottage Port Albert - (c) Brian Lee
This is a sketch of an old cottage that is being “protected” by the ‘Heritage’ authorities, so no one has been allowed to touch it, or do anything with it.

This pen & wash drawing is from when when we first saw it many years ago. It even had some furniture in it at the time but sadly you should see it now – there is very little of the place left any more.

Sunrise In A Welsh Village by Brian Lee

Sunrise in a Welsh Village (c) Brian Lee

I got up very early one morning, when Jacqui and I went into Wales for what we used to call one of our ‘dirty weekends’, (but I sure you don’t want to hear the details of that), and captured this lovely view of the sun just rising, reflecting off the pools of water, left by an overnight shower.

I’ve always rather liked this one – I wish I still had it, but unfortunately one has to live, but at least I do have a photo I took of the acrylic painting.


All drawings/artwork etc (c) Brian Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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