Portraits by Jacqui Lee

I was the shy girl who drew and scribbled all the time.  At school it was my favourite subject next to writing. Never having had a formal training I will always be a hobby artist due to the fact that I was a busy mother with three children and worked, there was little time for art.

 When the children were gone I had a little more spare time, so attempted painting again. I tried all styles and all mediums, some were a disaster. Yet I had re-kindled my passion, and started to sell a few.  Since then have tried watercolour, folk art and pastels.  I love experimenting and am often asked to do portraits and paint animals. I do not pretend to be an expert but I still enjoy it!



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Two Boys by Jacqui Lee
Two Boys - (c) Jacqui Lee
A painting I created for a local Mother, of her two sons using Acrylics.






 Kirsten! by Jacqui Lee
Kirsten - (c)Jacqui Lee
Our grand-daughter Kirsten using a one tone sketching style.








Two Beach Kids by Jacqui Lee
Two Beach Kids - (c) Jacqui Lee
A very simple quick acrylic of two beach kids.



   Mother & Daughter by Jacqui Lee
Mother & Daughter (c) Jacqui Lee
From an old advertisement in a French 1920's newspaper. I changed it and painted it in acrylic.







  Two Ladies Playing Bowls 
Two Ladies Bowling - (c)Jacqui Lee
Two ladies from a bowling team. Acrylic. Just loved the pose.






Little Boy Playing In Sand by Jacqui Lee 
Little Boy Playing In Sand - (c)Jacqui Lee
 A little boy playing with sand... again this was done in Acrylics.






All drawings/artwork etc (c)Jacqui Lee

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