Landscapes (c) Jacqui Lee

I'm often not all that comfortable with doing landscapes, but now and then I find something that creates joy and I try to capture it.

And that's the thing with any creative pursuit isn't it?... give it a go! You'll simply never ever know unless you do! 




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Lighthouse  by Jacqui Lee
Lighthouse by Jacqui Lee
This lighthouse I created from a photo, but I changed it to look how I liked it. The image was such great colours.

I  just enhanced what I saw.



A Castle by Jacqui Lee
A Castle by Jacqui Lee

Once again my version of what I saw. Liked the composition, the romance.

The best thing about 're-creating' something from a photo that perhaps you haven't taken yourself means if you haven't been to that particular location personally, you can go there 'virtually' !




 The Beach near Mornington VIC by Jacqui Lee
The Beach by Jacqui Lee
I love going to the beach like this one near Mornington in Victoria.

I took a photo capturing some beautiful reflections and once again I made it different, more dramatic.








Cottage In Yarram VIC by Jacqui Lee
Cottage In Yarram by Jacqui Lee
The cottage is in Yarram. It has been slightly improved since I created this but still love it  because it speaks to me of simple living...




 Fishing! by Jacqui Lee
Fishing by Jacqui Lee
Fishing is such a relaxing pastime and I was just taken with the romantic view of still waters and lovely greenery around a small stream.

This one has more a water colour effect which I have never done in this style before.





 Local Gateway by Jacqui Lee 
Local Gateway by Jacqui Lee
The great thing about living in a small town like Yarram in VIC is the 'old-fashioned' architecture you often come across.

Like this gateway captured on an autumn day, dappled in sunlight.






 All drawings/artwork etc (c)Jacqui Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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