Landscapes by Brian Lee

 The group of landscapes in this section have all been painted in Acrylics, over quite a period of time and over quite an area of the earth!

Brian Lee says "Enjoy... (I hope!)"






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Heathcote - Vic

Heathcote, Victoria - (c) Brian Lee'Heathcote' is very fortunate to belong to the more ‘friendly’ part of Australia, an area of sufficient water and good climate, which encourages beautiful vistas to establish themselves, this painting is of a small part of the town, a lovely area about ninety minutes’ drive from Melbourne.

As you can see a very nice river runs through the town!



Autumn in Albert Park - Vic

Albert Park - Vic  - (C) Brian Lee‘Autumn in Albert Park’ a title most motoring enthusiasts will recognize as the home of the Australian Grand Prix, though I did this painting during the more quiet times of the year, no roaring engines or large crowds to disturb me, thank goodness.




Ibiza Street Scene - Spain
Ibiza Street Scene Spain - (c) Brian Lee

‘Ibiza Street Scene’. My wife Jacqui and I spent many happy holidays in the Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain, and this is a painting I did on the Island of Ibiza, typical of the scenery over most of the area.


Near Yarram - Vic
Near Yarram VIC (c) Brian Lee

‘Near Yarram’
 VIC - as I have already suggested, Victoria enjoys many areas of great beauty and the countryside around Yarram is no exception.


 Tarra Valley - Vic
Tarra Valley VIC - (c) Brian Lee 

‘Tarra Valley’ VIC is yet another of the fine vistas to be enjoyed within a few minutes of Yarram, come and have a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!



Mahon Street’ - Spain
 Mahom St Spain (c) Brian Lee

‘Mahon Street’ Spain, another of my paintings from Spain, this time Mahon, the main town of the island of Menorca, a place crowded with views like this!








All drawings/artwork etc (c) Brian Lee

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