Florals by Jacqui Lee

Apart from painting I also love being in the garden... whether that's planting and looking after another species or simply admiring the natural beauty that all plants seem to have!

Spring & summer are my favourite times of course, but thankfully here in Australia we can enjoy their beauty most of the year 'round.





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My Agapanthus by Jacqui Lee
My Agapanthus - (c) Jacqui Lee
I love the humble agapanthus, so I  keep painting them. These are from my garden.





  Protea Acrylic by Jacqui Lee
Protea Acrylic  - (c)Jacqui Lee
I've recently finished this one!.






 Protea Plant by Jacqui & Brian Lee
Protea Plant - (c) Jacqui Lee
A joint effort with my husband Brian who started this then I finished it.
It's a Protea plant we had in the garden.






 Our Front Garden by Jacqui Lee
View Of Our Front Garden (c) Jacqui Lee
A view of our front garden done in acrylics




  Summer Flowers by Jacqui Lee
Summer Flowers - (c)Jacqui Lee
Who doesn't love summer flowers!








A Simple Frame by Jacqui Lee
Simple Frame - (c)Jacqui Lee
 A simple frame I painted!









All drawings/artwork etc (c)Jacqui Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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