Concepts (c) Jacqui Lee

Here are a few of the more 'whacky' pieces of art I've experimented with over the years. 

These are a bit more experimental but they are what I call my 'fun' pieces. The great thing about art - unless you've been commissioned to do something specific for a business say, is that you can literally do anything you want. Sometimes it works well other times not as expected but ALWAYS fun! 




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'Beach On Acid'  by Jacqui Lee
Beach On 'Acid'
Beach on acid' was one we played around with and tried some computer effects from family a photo, I then painted what I liked.

The image that made me feel happy as I love sunlight and beaches.



She Walks!... by Jacqui Lee
She Walks -(c)Jacqui Lee

A Medieval inspired portrait, really just imagined, so from the deep recesses of my mind. I sold it to a similarly deranged friend.

It is meant to be headless!






 Summer Memories by Jacqui Lee
Beach Trio - (c)Jacqui Lee
Inspired by a beach scene from the 30's or '40's with figures soaking up the sun.

A memory of Summer, with blues and yellows, the indolent feel of those lazy days"




 Nude Mood by Jacqui Lee
Nude Mood (c) Jacqui Lee

Nude mood, was a rather sad reflection on how women change and how many different personalities we sometimes have... 






 Goodbye Summer! by Jacqui Lee
Seasons (c) Jacqui Lee
Changing seasons, the depressed way I look at going into Winter, I hate it; so, called it 'Goodbye Summer.'...

Beach Girls by Jacqui Lee 
Beach Girls (c) Jacqui Lee
A sort of 'Gothi' one!...  part of a 'fun' series I did of lovely mad ladies doing different things.

I often think I could have done more of these but I love  the 'larger ladies' wearing very 'naughty' clothes...





 All drawings/artwork etc (c)Jacqui Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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