Commercial Work by Brian Lee

Produced over a lifetime as a professional artist, (Graphic Designer) below are six samples of Commercial Work for various customers, virtually all in Acrylic.

Of course working professionally in this area over the years there are way to many examples to show here but I hope you get the basic idea of what I've been up to!







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Avon Dry Diving Suits

Illustration For A Large Poster - (c) Brian Lee‘Picture of Military Divers’ was a picture I had to make up from my own imagination, to illustrate the rubber suits being worn by the people shown.

There was no way Avon could get a picture like this without immense expense, so I saved them a lot of money, (and made a few bob for myself!).




Real Estate

Real Estate Illustration - (c) Brian LeeI did quite a bit of work for a Real Estate Company a few years ago, producing illustrations like this, to show off particular buildings in the best possible light and a little more colourful than in real life.









Design For A Ring
Design For A Ring - (c) Brian Lee‘Design for a Ring’, I produced this for a silversmith working in Bath UK. It’s rather ‘butch’, but was what he wanted.

The ring was actually made and was exactly like this design, which made me & the customer happy!



   A Woodplane For Advertising
A Woodplane For Advertising (c) Brian Lee
‘Wood-plane’. Another illustration for a hardware company’s publicity, drawn from ‘life’.







 Colt 45 
Colt 45 - (c) Brian LeeThis is an airbrush illustration I did, to illustrate an article in one of the National Dailies, entitled ‘Was This the Way the West Was Won?’

It was concerned with discussing the fact that most Western films show virtually everyone wearing their Colt revolver, when the truth was a long way from that.





Dock In Wales
 Welsh Dock (c) Brian Lee‘Dock in Wales’. This illustration I had to produce from a set of architects plans, because the site hadn’t been built yet, but the picture was needed for promotional purposes.





All drawings/artwork etc (c) Brian Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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