Animals by Jacqui Lee

I've always loved animals and how they interact with us.

And even though they can't physically speak like us, they do communicate in many different ways.  But the challenges of painting any animal is like no other! - A good dog or cat might sit & stay for a minute or two, but that's about it!

But it has been fun creating these portraits and particularly pleasing when the owners of these animals see the end results.





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'Dan' by Jacqui Lee

"Dan" was my daughter's much loved previous dog in England... we did meet him. A typical cheeky Jack Russell, skilled at playing football. He was full of life and mischief.

I painted him as a memorial however they have another rescued Jack Russell now.






Dog On The Beach by Jacqui Lee

Painted from a photo. the owner of this dog lives in NSW.

They explained how he loves to go to the beach with them so I tried to show the playful joy in life this breed has. 







 Mother & Daughter by Jacqui Lee

These two are local dogs to us that I've met... a Mother and daughter as it happens.

Again I've tried to capture the intelligence of this breed but painting fur was a bit of a challenge!




 A Beautiful Horse! by Jacqui Lee

Another local friend's beautiful horse.

I just love the power in the body and have tried to capture that.







Good Mates by Jacqui Lee

Full of life and joy these two live in Queensland. They are beautiful dogs full of character.

I had to work hard to get the ears right as they were the focus for me!

Many of the portraits I've created have been requests from friends on Facebook. Of course  the animals connect with us and enrich our lives.


Jade's Dogs by Jacqui Lee 

This one is from two photos I was sent, again in acrylic on canvas.

Each dog has its own story and is much loved. As always I try to get the unique expressions each time which can be quite difficult with animals especially!









All drawings/artwork etc (c)Jacqui Lee

That's it!... we'd appreciate any comments below!



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